Men in Beach Shorts: Celebrity Edition

Men in Beach Shorts: Celebrity Swim Shorts Edition. Nine years later we, once again, are updating this post to bring you more celebrity beach hunks rocking their swim shorts as they frolic at the beach. Let us start with singer turned Calvin Klein model Shawn Mendes who looks like he’s ready to give Kellan Lutz below a run for his abs money.

men in beach shorts - celebrity edition - shawn mendes

Speaking of abs, check out actor Chris Hemsworth and his sculpted V. He sure is the hottest Hemsworth brother, isn’t he?

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Men in Short Shorts: Beach Wear Edition

Men in Short Shorts: Beach Wear Edition. Of course, we ain’t only just interested in men wearing Speedos when it comes to appreciating (aka ogling) beach hunks. We appreciate guys who rock their swim shorts too. So we made this photo list of male models and celebrities who brought their swim shorts game to the beach (or the swimming pool).

Let’s start our list with British supermodel Oliver Cheshire who appeared in campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein, Jack Wills, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Orlebar Brown, Stella McCartney, Missoni, Hackett, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., Vivienne Westwood, Gap Inc., Marks and Spencer, and many others. He must have made lots of money from these campaigns, no?

men in shorts 2021 - swim shorts - oliver_cheshire

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Tommy DiDario Shirtless, Underwear, Husband

Tommy DiDario Shirtless, Underwear, Husband. Today in Hot Men in Shorts, we bring you Extra TV correspondent Tommy DiDario who’s rocking his beach shorts in the next two photos below. We grabbed the pics from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @tommydidario. Oh, by the way, did you know that he is married to Gio Benitez? They apparently tied the knot in 2016 and are still going strong.

Tommy DiDario hot in beach shorts

Tommy DiDario shirtless beach

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Diego Boneta Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend Photos

Diego Boneta Shirtless Update. Who’d have thunk that the barista in Scream Queens will grow up to carry a television series? Seriously, not a lot of actors known for doing teen roles are able to go on and establish an image as a serious actor; Diego Boneta is one of those who are talented and lucky enough to pull it off. For those of you wondering what the Latino hottie is doing these days, he is playing the titular character in the Telemundo/Netflix series Luis Miguel which most certainly found an audience because it aired for three seasons.

diego boneta as luis miguel

On the girlfriend front, the 30-year-old actor is dating Renata Notni who is also in the acting biz. Here are photos of the two we grabbed from Diego’s Instagram as well as from a red carpet appearance.

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Alex O’Loughlin Underwear: Shirtless Photos in Hawaii Five-O

Alex O’Loughlin Shirtless Aussie Zaddy. Oh myyyy, how fast time has passed. When we first blogged about him ten years ago, Alex O’Loughlin was still single and was just starting his TV stardom on Hawaii Five O.

Now, our Aussie hunk is a full blown Hollywood star and Hawaii Five O continues, now on its 10th season, continues to do well in the ratings. Oh, he’s a married man now too. He got married to model Malia Jones in 2014 and have two kids together. Alex has an older third child with an ex.

Anyhoo, here are shirtless photos of Alex for those of us who are fans of groomed chest hair.

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Blake McCoy Shirtless, Fox 5 DC Hunk, Boyfriend

Blake McCoy Shirtless, Fox 5 DC Hunk, Boyfriend. Famewatchers who are fans of Hot Media Hunks, say hi to your new imaginary boyfriend.

His name is Blake McCoy. He currently co-anchors the 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 8 p.m., and 9 p.m. shows of Fox 5 DC but has also worked with NBC News in Chicago and Washington DC.

And for the guys like our friend Kevin who are looking for a gay hottie to ogle at, Blake — from what we gathered on his Instagram page — is a rainbow-flag waving friend of Dorothy. Oh, most importantly for the thirsty hos among us here on Famewatcher, our TV news anchor ain’t shy about going shirtless and wearing short shorts. Yay.

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