Gio Benitez Shirtless, Husband, Awards

Gio Benitez Shirtless, Husband, Awards. We are updating this post, which we wrote a decade ago, to note that our gorgeous TV journalist is indeed a friend of Dorothy and that he’s now a very much married guy to model and fitness influencer Tommy DiDario. This isn’t actually new news because his coming out and wedding happened years ago so we are simply updating this for the record. Hehe. Anyhoo, here are photos of Gio and Tommy when they tied the knot in 2016:

gio benitez husband Tommy DiDario

gio benitez wedding to husband Tommy DiDario

Did you know that Gio has won three Emmy Awards for his TV journalism? Here’s one of his Emmys with mentor Michele Gillen who passed away in 2021. Gio posted this on Facebook as a tribute to a friend who helped him become an award-winning journalist.

gio benitez emmy awards with mentor michelle gillen

We know that some of you are thirsty so here’s a photo of Gio and Tommy in their short swim shorts to quench your dry spell. Haha.

gio benitez underwear boxer shorts

Gio Benitez Shirtless: Is ABC Hunk Gay or Straight? (7 March 2013). How hot is ABC News correspondent Gio Benitez? He is so hot that our friend Kevin is giving him a 100 out of 10. Kevin is clearly overscoring but there’s no denying that the Miami Latino hunk is gorgeous and cute and has got a sexy smile. Hehe. And those bulging biceps? Wowza.

Gio Benitez - bulging biceps

Before he made it to national TV, Gio (is his full name Giovanni? Or Giorgio?) was with the WFOR TV station in Florida. Here’s what the ABC honcho said about their hottest reporter:

An award-winning reporter, Gio comes to us from WFOR, the CBS owned station in his hometown of Miami where he has covered a wide-range of stories including relief efforts in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake and the Trayvon Martin case. Most recently, he covered the 2012 presidential election across the battleground state of Florida.

In 2009, his innovative storytelling caught the eyes of many when he not only reported on the release of Appleā€™s iPhone but shot his entire story with the new device.

Versatile and hard-charging, Gio worked for years as an investigative producer before going on the air. With his many talents and dynamic storytelling ability, Gio will make a great addition to our team.

Because he is gorgeous and hot and muscled and apparently does not have a girlfriend, some of our Datalounge friends are wondering whether Gio is gay. What do you think?

Gio Benitez gay latino hunk

Is the fact that he seems to love V-Neck shirts an indication that our cutie, like Anderson Cooper, a friend of Dorothy? If our Gio comes out in the future a-la Anderson, the Malaysian education ministry which once infamously claimed that V-Neck shirts is a sign of gayness may be on to something, no?

Gio at the Apple headquarters in a blue v-neck.

gio benitez - v neck shirt - apple garage

Gio and some peepz wearing a black v-neck shirt. Want more Celebrities in V-Neck Shirts?

gio benitez v neck gay

Gio and his dogs. That’s another v-neck shirt he is wearing, right?

gio benitez dogs and v neck shirt

Gio in effin sexy muscle shirt with a friend. We’re assuming these two friends because of those matching beaded necklaces they’re wearing.

Gio Benitez boyfriend nicholas vollten

Oh wait, maybe he’s got a girlfriend after all?

Gio Benitez girlfriendf

Damn. Look at them biceps again. Is he the fittest network journalist or what? We’re pretty sure he’s hiding some awesome six pack abs that rival Kellan Lutz’s. Too bad we can’t find a shirtless photo of our Latino hunk. Before we end, here’s another pic of Gio with some guys that make us go “hmmmm”.

Note: Photo deleted per request.

UPDATE: Here’s the Gio Benitez shirtless photo you’ve all been looking for. Thanks to him for sharing this pic with his instagram followers.

gio benitez shirtless abc news

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