Charlie Hunnam Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Straight?

Charlie Hunnam Underwear and Other Stuff. Will Pacific Rim be Charlie Hunnam’s ticket to the big league? We hope it does. The guy is clearly talented but, because his movies are not what you would call box-office friendly, his star has not been as bright as it should be. We hope that the big budgeted Pacific Rim, which also stars Academy Award-nominated Rinko Kikuchi will help Charlie (and Rinko of course) go higher the celebrity ladder.

Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi in pacific rim

For our friend Kevin, who really loves the original British version of the BBC show Queer as Folk, Charlie’s ranking in the celebrity hierarchy is up there with Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger when they were the “it boys” of Hollywood following their box office hit and critically acclaimed movie, Brokeback Mountain. The following photos of Charlie making out with his male co-star Aiden Gillen explains why our Kevin is what you would call a Charlie Hunnam fanboy. [Update: Sorry, we have to delete the photo referred to in this paragraph and in other parts of this post.]

How did it feel kissing a dude? In this interview with Sky Magazine, Charlie says its the same as kissing a woman. Check out the interview below (via Tallyyho):

What did you think of reaction to the show?
Well, none of us got any hassle. We got a lot of attention in the street, but people have to be deranged to have a go. They’re not going to come up to you and say “I think you’re a knob.” It really took off in America – everyone who saw it loved it.

Did you do any research for the role?
No I didn’t. I did speak to Russell (Davies, the writer) about things I was confused about. I mean, I didn’t know what rimming was, I didn’t a lot of stuff because I’d had no contact with the gay world. On the first night of filming everyone went to Canal Street (Manchester’s gay village), but it didn’t do it for me.

What did your girlfriend think?
She called me a big f*ggot and laughed.

Are men better kissers than women?

Nah, they’re just the same – stubble’s the only difference. I’ve had girlfriends that were powerful, aggressive kissers. I only kissed two guys in the show so I haven’t a lot to go on.

Did you think about going over to the gay side?
Well … no. There are different rules, I think. I guess it makes it easier to cop off … But it doesn’t attract me at all. I’m glad I’m not g*y.

What’s your type?
Someone who makes me laugh, laughs at my very bad jokes, someone I can have fun with. I’ve fallen in love with this amazing girl from America. For the first time I’m not interested in anyone else, which is a little bit bizarre. Normally (he looks around), if I’m in a bedroom with three scantily-clad women, I’d be like a dog on heat.

Has your role in the show stopped you getting adverts?
I have done ads before. If my back was against the wall and I was down to my last tin of beans, it would be stupid to say I wouldn’t do ads. Beats working in McDonald’s, dunnit?

Do people assume you’re gay?
I guess so. I think stupid people do. People do buy into TV. That’s why it’s so powerful and has such a great effect. I don’t think people should watch me and think I go round rimming boys.

Eh, Charlie. There’s also nothing wrong if they do think that.

Anyhoo, since this month is male celebrity underwear month, do we have underwear and shirtless photos of this English hunk? You bet, we do. These pics are from Charlie’s 2011 movie, The Ledge.

Charlie Hunnam - black boxers - the ledge movie

So when it comes to Charlie Hunnam underwear preference, he likes him his boxer shorts!

Charlie Hunnam underwear - boxer shorts in the ledge

The above pics do not do justice to Charlie’s gorgeousness but we think the following will:

Charlie Hunnam calvin klein underwear

So when it comes to brand preference, the Charlie Hunnam underwear is a Calvin Klein.

charlie hunnam in abandon

We like him much better when he’s clean-shaven but his next photo below earns points for those awesome six pack abs.

charlie hunnam washboard abs - sexy hunk

So what do you think of Charlie Hunnam? Are you a fanboy of his like our friend Kevin? Want more English hunks? Check out Charlie Vye in His Underwear.

Charlie Hunnam Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Straight? published 22 January 2013. Updated 13 March 2017.