Charlie Hunnam Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Straight?

Charlie Hunnam Shirtless Update, Awards, Girlfriend. Look who’s rocking a pair of leather pants? It’s our imaginary English beau Charlie Hunnam that’s who. We gotta admit that we are not a fan of the outfit — which is reportedly from a Calvin Klein collection — but we are a fan of the guy so it is all cool!

charlie hunnam shirtless in ck leather pants

charlie hunnam hot in suit

Oh, he looks great in his suit too. What’s that saying about a well-fitted suit on a man being similar to a bikini in a woman? If we remember correctly, this is supposedly so because both a well-fitted suit and a bikini entices you to want to take a look at what’s hidden inside? That’s how we exactly feel about Charlie standing by the door posing like that his suit. Damn, we sure would like to see more of what he’s hiding. Haha.

But enough with our thirstiness. We are updating this post because the British actor will be headlining a new show on Apple TV+. It’s called Shantaram and it will start releasing on the streaming service this coming October.

More about the show from Deadline: “Based on the Gregory David Roberts epic novel, Shantaram follows a Lin Ford (Hunnam), who escapes a maximum-security Australian prison, reinvents himself as a doctor in the slums of 1980s Bombay, gets entangled with a local mafia boss and eventually uses his gun-running and counterfeiting skills to fight against the invading Russian troops in Afghanistan. All the while he is falling for an enigmatic and intriguing woman named Karla (Antonia Desplat) and must choose between freedom or love and the complications that come with it.”

charlie hunnam shantaram

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is a good show and that it will finally earn Charlie some acting trophies. The guy is clearly talented as proven by his performances in Sons of Anarchy and Queer as Folk but recognition for the guy have been elusive so far. To date, he’s only won three acting trophies, i.e., a Cinemacon Award, a Huading Award, and an NBR recognition as part of an ensemble.

charlie hunnam awards - Huading Award for Best Global Emerging Actor

charlie hunnam awards - cinemacon male star of the year

Charlie Hunnam Shirtless Photos Part II. This section is for the folks among us who can’t get enough of a shirtless Charlie.

charlie hunnam shirtless

charlie hunnam gay in queer as folk

Charlie Hunnam When He Was Younger. For those of you looking for portraits of the actor as a young man.

charlie hunnam young hot actor

charlie hunnam young and hot

Charlie Hunnam Gay or Straight? He played an LGBT character in Queer as Folk but he is straight in real life. He is reportedly dating artist Morgan McNelis. They have been dating since 2005.

charlie hunnam girlfriend morgana mcnelis

Charlie Hunnam Underwear and Other Stuff. Will Pacific Rim be Charlie Hunnam’s ticket to the big league? We hope it does. The guy is clearly talented but, because his movies are not what you would call box-office friendly, his star has not been as bright as it should be. We hope that the big budgeted Pacific Rim, which also stars Academy Award-nominated Rinko Kikuchi will help Charlie (and Rinko of course) go higher the celebrity ladder.

Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi in pacific rim

For our friend Kevin, who really loves the original British version of the BBC show Queer as Folk, Charlie’s ranking in the celebrity hierarchy is up there with Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger when they were the “it boys” of Hollywood following their box office hit and critically acclaimed movie, Brokeback Mountain. The following photos of Charlie making out with his male co-star Aiden Gillen explains why our Kevin is what you would call a Charlie Hunnam fanboy. [Update: Sorry, we have to delete the photo referred to in this paragraph and in other parts of this post.]

charlie hunnam gay love scene with aidan gillen

Anyhoo, since this month is male celebrity underwear month, do we have underwear and shirtless photos of this English hunk? You bet, we do. These pics are from Charlie’s 2011 movie, The Ledge.

Charlie Hunnam - black boxers - the ledge movie

So when it comes to Charlie Hunnam underwear preference, he likes him his boxer shorts!

Charlie Hunnam underwear - boxer shorts in the ledge

The above pics do not do justice to Charlie’s gorgeousness but we think the following will:

Charlie Hunnam calvin klein underwear

So when it comes to brand preference, the Charlie Hunnam underwear is a Calvin Klein.

charlie hunnam in abandon

We like him much better when he’s clean-shaven but his next photo below earns points for those awesome six pack abs.

charlie hunnam washboard abs - sexy hunk

So what do you think of Charlie Hunnam? Are you a fanboy of his like our friend Kevin? Want more English hunks? Check out Charlie Vye in His Underwear.

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