Celebrities in Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear

Celebrity Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear. Who of your favorite celebrities love them their Polo Ralph Lauren underwear? Well, as we usually do when it comes to celebrity brand preference, we made a list for you. Let us begin our list with:

Tyson Beckford. Of course, we gotta start our list with a male model who managed to cross over from the modeling world to become a successful actor. Here’s Tyson during his modeling days rocking his white Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs underwear.

celebrity polo ralph lauren underwear - tyson beckford

Nicky Hayden. Nicky is a motoGP rider who apparently modeled Polo Ralph Lauren in Japan. [Want more Shirtless MotoGP Riders like Nicky?]

celebrity polo ralph lauren underwear - nicky hayden

Lil Wayne. Look who’s got himself a Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear? It’s the hiphop/rap star himself, Lil’ Wayne aka Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. He’s so proud of his undies so he’s showing it on stage to please his underwear-obsessed fans. Way to go, Lil Wayne!

celebrities in polo ralph lauren underwear

Justin Bieber. Before he wowed the world with his impressive Calvin Klein modeling photos, Justin Bieber was spotted kinda showing off his Polo Ralph Lauren underwear.

celebrity polo ralph lauren underwear - justin bieber

Chris Brown. Looks like singers or musicians love them their RL underwear. Our third singer and fifth celebrity Polo Ralph Lauren underwear “fan” is American R&B singer Chris Brown who, in the next photo, shows us his bad tattoos and black Polo Ralph Lauren underwear. Hey Chris, why don’t you get rid of them pants altogether. We’re pretty sure your fans will appreciate it. [Want more Chris Brown underwear?]

celebrities in polo ralph lauren underwear chris brown

Rob Kardashian. Do you remember the days when Rob was hot, hot, hot. He was in good shape to the point that he did some modeling photos for Polo Ralph Lauren. When will we see Rob look like this again?

rob kardashian underwear

Not bad, Robbie!

celebrities wearing polo ralph lauren underwear rob kardashian

So, who is your favorite celebrity wearing Polo Ralph Lauren underwear? Ours, without a doubt, would be Tyson Beckford. No one comes close!

Celebrities in Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear. Originally published 27 September 2011. Last updated: December 3, 2020 at 3:33 am.