Organic Underwear for Men: Doug Porter in Polo Ralph Lauren Boxers

Organic Underwear for Men: Doug Porter in Polo Ralph Lauren Boxers. Add this to your list of interesting developments in the world of men’s underwear: it’s an organic underwear by Ralph Lauren. How is organic underwear different from the non-organic ones? We don’t know. But we think it has something to do with the fact that the cotton used to manufacture your organic undies is pesticide/insecticide-free. Meaning those who raised the cotton plants didn’t use any pesticide or insecticide in their farms.

Organic Underwear for Men Doug Porter on Polo Ralph Lauren

Is this correct? Hopefully those in the know will tell us the difference between organic and non-organic underwear. Anyhoo, for those of you wondering, the male model above chillin’ in his Ralph Lauren organic undies is no other than our imaginary boyfriend Doug Porter. Want more male underwear models?

Organic Underwear For Men: About that 2xist Soy Underwear for Men (28 March 2009). Wanna learn more about the 2xist soy underwear which we mentioned in passing earlier? Well, this is your lesson of the day and it is courtesy of The Gray Lady which, we learned from Grandma Akita, is the nickname for the New York Times. Here’s the Times report on soy underwear:

The attributes of the soy fabric, as claimed by the company, do sound marvelous: it is said to absorb 99.7 percent of ultraviolet rays, to be resistant to E .coli bacteria and to be packed with amino acids that complement those of humans. But sunblocking underwear is of questionable import to the broader public, except perhaps for Madonna.

“I’m unclear what the advantage is,” said Roy Cantrell, a vice president of Cotton Incorporated, an industry group. The cotton fibers used to make fabric, Mr. Cantrell said, come directly from the plant, whereas soy fibers are chemically manufactured.

On the other hand, soy cultivation does not require the hazardous pesticides used in conventional cotton farming. Most appealingly, the 2(x)ist soy underwear is slinkily soft and nicely styled. One caveat, Mr. Scarlatti noted, is that in its natural state the fabric is a less than alluring shade of ivory. “It didn’t look good as underwear,” he said. “So we went with a lighter shade of heather gray, blue and black.”

And no, they are not edible.

organic underwear for men 2xist soy briefs

What? They’re not edible!!! We thought all along that that’s the reason why they are making a soy-based underwear. You know, so we can eat them.

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