Ralph Lauren Male Models: Classic Fashion for Men

Ralph Lauren Men’s Underwear Model: Luke Rockhold. We came across this photo of a gentleman in white Ralph Lauren boxer shorts and we were like, “Woooaaah! Who’s the good looking daddy? Why haven’t we seen him before and what’s he doing sitting at the back of his truck?”

ralph lauren luke rockhold underwear model

After some digging, we learned that his name is Luke Rockhold, that he is a mixed martial arts fighter who fought in the UFC, and that he’s got a pretty good record as a professional fighter (16 wins, 6 losses).

luke rockhold underwear by ralph lauren

In 2018, the guys over there Ralph Lauren HQ had the good sense to hire Luke Rockhold as their brand ambassador for one of its fragrances, the Ralph Lauren’s Polo Ultra Blue, which resulted, among others, in above photo of Luke looking gorgeous at the back of his truck.

In an interview with US Magazine, Luke had this to say about becoming the face of a fragrance brand: “I’ve always been a fan of Ralph Lauren and fragrance in general. When I was a kid, when I was first getting excited about the opposite sex, fragrance was the thing. If you look good, you smell good and you feel good. Back then I got into Clearwater and Hugo. I’ve always been in touch with it. And in the fight world, grooming is a big part of the process, so it all makes sense.”

Asked whether he wears fragrance when he’s fighting, he says the answer is no: “I try not to. You have to focus. Actually, I was supposed to fight a guy back in the day. He didn’t shower specifically to throw off his opponents. Thank god I got injured, and I couldn’t fight the fight. I was so worried about it. I was like Oh my god I heard about this guy. It was the worst ever.”

Of course Luke ain’t the only guy in Ralph Lauren underoos in this update. Check out the next photos of Zach Pricer and our imaginary beau Garrett Neff:

ralph lauren underwear male model zach pricer

ralph lauren mens underwear model garrett neff

Ralph Lauren Male Models: Classic Fashion for Men (15 July 2010). Ralph Lauren brings back its classic look for men. Here’s Austrian male model Patrick Kafka in Polo Ralph Lauren suit.

patrick kafka polo ralph lauren

American model Sean Harju brings back the days when tennis stars played with wooden rackets.

sean harju ralph lauren

Patrick Kafka and Belgian male model Geoffroy Jonkheere rock the classic all-white tennis outfit.

Men’s Polo Shirts: Brian Jarosinski, Male Model (12 February 2010). Are you a fan of polo shirts? We gotta admit that we are. We love polo shirts. We like guys wearing this style. And we have a special fondness for men with hairy chests who wear polo shirts.

mens polo shirt Brian_Jarosinski_02

By the by, that’s male model Brian Jarosinski in the first photo above. We don’t have the names for the other models below. They’re all rocking their polo shirts, don’t they? Want other styles of men’s shirts?

mens polo shirt

mens polo

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