Tyler Bachtel Male Model Hunk of the Day

Tyler Bachtel Male Model Hunk of the Day. Is Tyler Bachtel hot or is Tyler Bachtel hawt? Both? Where has he been hiding before? We’re glad to finally discover him. This is probably our favorite photo of this hot and hunky Ohio-born model.

tyler bachtel male model shirtless

We are pretty sure lots of our fellow Famewatchers are dying to know more about this guy so we copied some information about him from his website which you should visit — tylerbachtel.com — if you are a Tyler Bachtel fan.

INTRO: My name is Tyler Bachtel. I am American-Born of Italian descent. I am an actor/model from Dublin, Ohio. I left my hometown last year to pursue this new career, and I am currently represented on both coasts.

FITNESS: I am a fitness nut. It started when I was tired of being 120lbs. So I set out to become a body builder. After two years I peaked at 220lbs. That experience taught me all the ins and outs of getting into shape. I also love sharing my fitness knowledge for those who wants to get into shape, so I hope you can benefit from my knowledge.

FOOD: I find cooking to be extremely therapeutic. Growing up with an Italian grandmother made me appreciate the art of cooking and the pure love for good food. I have been cooking since I was 7 years old. When I decided to become a body builder, I had to cook 7 to 8 meals daily not to mention the food prep for the following day. I perfected my creativity when substituting sides to spice up the monotony. I am always extending my cooking abilities and I have been working on my own line of protein products.

TRAVEL: My passion for travel started from childhood. My family and I traveled a lot to Europe during my young soccer career. We also did a lot of road trips throughout the United States. With my acting/modeling career I am fortunate to be able to continue to travel. I am lucky enough to travel in luxury, but what is even better is to travel on a budget while getting the best deals on hotels, flights, restaurants and attractions. I will also be sharing my travel findings with you on my site.

Here are more photos of our Tyler for those of you who are fans of the guy and who, like us, cannot resist his dreaminess.

tyler bachtel shirtless

Tyler’s Calvin Klein underwear wants to get out of his pants.

tyler bachtel underwear

Tyler Bachtel Male Model Hunk of the Day. Posted 11 April 2009.