Mark Sanchez Girlfriend: Hilary Rhoda, Swimsuit Model

Mark Sanchez Girlfriend: Hilary Rhoda, Swimsuit Model. Girls who dream of dating NFL footballer Mark Sanchez (Quarterback, New York Jets) will have to forget about their dream for now because Mark is reportedly dating Hilary Rhoda.

mark sanchez girlfriend hillary rhoda

Hilary Rhoda who? Hilary, my friend, is an American model who was named in 2007 by Forbes Magazine as the twelfth Top-Earning Supermodels in the World. How cool is that? Mark and Hilary reportedly started dating when they did a photoshoot for GQ Magazine the result of which are the pictures you’re looking at.

More Modeling Photos of Mark Sanchez Girlfriend Hilary Rhoda. Two years later, we are updating this post to state that Hilary and Mark are no longer an item. Hah. It ain’t meant to be, apparently.

Anyhoo, as if to emphasize that Mark Sanchez’s ex-girlfriend is not like your ordinary WAG, or the site that tracks the careers of models has included Hilary Rhoda in their list of the top-earning female models. In fact, she ranks quite high at #12.

Here’s what the site says about Hilary: “As a best seller for Estee Lauder, Hilary Rhoda has certainly lived a charmed existence as a marketable model.” It would not be unreasonable to think that Hilary’s modeling career got some boost from her high profile relationship with the New York Jets quarterback but let’s not forget that she’s already a top model with a lucrative career before she hooked up with Mark.

As for their previous relationships, Hilary reportedly went on to date hockey star Sean Avery. Mark, on the other hand, is rumored to have dated Hayden Panettiere and, later, girl named Eliza Kruger.

But then then Mark and Hilary’s paths converged, they fell in love, and the rest they say is history. Oops, not yet, there should be more for the future for these two. Like, for instance, are they gonna get married? Do they plan to have kids? What will they name their kids. You know, those kinds of things.

Mark Sanchez Girlfriend: Hilary Rhoda, Swimsuit Model. Posted 10 August 2009.