Republican Hypocrites and Their Real Family Values

republican hypocrites real family values stephen baldwin

Republican Hypocrites and Their Real Family Values. What happened to the Republican hypocrites below? Well, Nikki Haley is a Trump toadie. Focus on the Family’s Juan Alberto Ovalle was sentenced to five years in prison and must register as a s*x offender. Fox News producer Aaron Bruns was sentenced to ten years after it was determined that he is a repeat offender.

Mark Lester Paris Jackson: Her Real Biological Father?

mark lester paris jackson biological father

Mark Lester Paris Jackson: Her Real Biological Father? (posted 9 August 2019). The Michael Jackson story just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser and its not because he looks like this Egyptian statue. No, its because another celebrity – Mark Lester – has now come forward claiming that he is the biological father of Paris Jackson.

Sybill Hill John F. Kennedy Jr’s Self-Proclaimed Mistress

john f kennedy jr shirtless body

We here at Famewatcher are divided on this. Deena thinks Sybil’s story is just the product of a desperate woman looking for attention while Grandma Akita thinks she’s maybe just a failed romance novelist. On the other hand, yours truly and Kevin are of the view that maybe there’s some kernel of truth in there. Anyhoo, this story gives us an excuse to post this shirtless John F. Kennedy Jr. photo because why not. Hehe.

Von Miller Elizabeth Ruiz Video: Where To Watch NFL Star’s Tape?

von miller abs sculpted washboard

Von Miller Elizabeth Ruiz Video Scandal. Where can you watch the controversial video tape of Denver Broncos star Von Miller allegedly boinking model and video vixen Elizabeth Ruiz. Unfortunately for you (and for us because we are just as curious), it it seems like this ain’t gonna see the light of day. If Von will have his way, that is.