Katy Perry One-Piece Swimsuit in San Remo Concert

katy perry one-piece swimsuit - san remo

Katy Perry One-Piece Swimsuit in San Remo Concert. We love us our Katy Perry here at Famewatcher. Why, you ask? Because she kissed a girl and she liked it and because she doesn’t take herself that seriously. She’s got a sense of fun, you know, but she doesn’t overdo it to the point of becoming annoying (see Jennifer Aniston hehe).

Danica Patrick Bikini Swimwear Photos – Sports Illustrated Magazine

You love Danica Patrick don’t you? Of course you do, why else would you be googling for her sexy photos. Consider your google wish fulfilled. Then check out her photos we from Sports Illustrated and compare it with these pics. A girl doesn’t have to be in her bikini to be sexy, no?

Kimo Leopoldo Arrested, Shirtless, Beefy Muscle Santa

What elevates this photo from “cool” to “awesome” is the fact that Kimo tied up with an organization that helps immobile children and seniors. So, our retired MMA fighter is spending his time helping the sick.

Although we were not a fan of his MMA career (because we weren’t interested in MMA back when he was active), we are a fan of the fact that he’s helping some people who need help. Merry Christmas everyone!