Mackage Leather Jacket For Men: Celebrity Edition – John Legend

mackage leather jackets for men - john legend

Celebrities Wearing Mackage Leather Jackets and Coats. You think we’re done updating this post about famous men wearing Mackage? Of course not! Haha! But, this time, we ain’t limiting ourselves to leather jackets. We’re all about non-leather jackets and coats too! Anyhoo, here’s High School Musical star (who is now every inch a zaddy) Zac Efron wearing a Mackage while traveling. Did you know that the Jonas Brothers are fans of the brand? Joe is wearing a Mackage Seth military down parka in the next pic below while his younger brother Kevin opted for a Mackage Tobias lightweight down jacket in the pic after.

Brown Leather Jackets: Celebrity Fashion Style Watch

BROWN LEATHER JACKETS. Aside from Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise, here are other celebrities in tinseltown spotted wearing brown leather jackets. Remember Matt Giraud? He’s one of the former contestants of American Idol in the season won by the cutest male contestant ever aka Kris Allen. Here’s Matt wearing a brown leather jacket from the Fall/Winter 2009 Monarchy Collection. That guy in plaid is our imaginary boyfriend Kris. The girl, we think is an AI vocal coach.

Gethin Anthony Gay or Girlfriend – Charles Manson Leather Jacket

gethin anthony charles manson leather jacket - aquarius

Famewatchers, we need your help. Can you tell whether Gethin Anthony is wearing a brown leather jacket in the pic above? We know he’s wearing a brown jacket but we can’t be effin’ sure 100% whether the jacket is made of leather. Deena says it is not leather. Kevin says it is. While yours truly is as indecisive as ever. Indecisiveness is one of my endearing traits. Hehe.

Lacoste Leather Jackets for Men and Women

lacoste leather jackets for men

Lacoste Leather Jackets for Men and Women. “Lacoste makes leather jackets for girls? I thought the American designer only makes polo shirts and shorts for tennis stars like Andy Roddick?” Those are the questions our friend Deena asked when she chanced upon the above photo of Spanish TV host Sara Carbonero dressed in a chic brown leather jacket.

Supernatural Leather Jacket: Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles)

supernatural leather jacket - jensen ackles ocean drive lambskin leather jacket

Supernatural Leather Jacket: Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles (as Dean Winchester) rocks his fab leather jacket in these photos from the set of his hit TV show. We’re told that this outfit is made by Oceandrive Leather , the same Vancouver-based company which made one of Tom Welling’s Smallville leather jacket you can see in our earlier post.