Jeans for Skinny Guys: Daniel Radcliffe Fashion Style

Jeans for Skinny Guys: Daniel Radcliffe Fashion Style. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is kind of thin, no? Maybe all that partying with his BFF Our Lady J, is keeping him thin?

jeans for skinny guys - daniel radcliffe

Do you think he needs to bulk up or is he good the way he is? Now, while we are on the subject of thinness, you might also want to check out another Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, who’s also looking thin. It is as if Voldemort has sucked the life force out of these two so they are not gaining weight at all.

Anyhoo, what do you think of Daniel’s jeans? Do you have a suggestion when it comes to jeans for skinny guys?

Boys in Leather: Daniel Radcliffe’s Leather Jacket
17 April 2010

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is looking happy in his wet-look leather jacket. We wonder what he’s smiling about? Maybe its them fans who have been supporting his Harry Potter movies which are among the top grossing movies worldwide.

Here’s Dan signing an autograph for a fan. It’s nice to see celebrities being gracious to their supporters, no?

Want more men’s leather jackets?

More Daniel Radcliffe Fashion: Jacket and Shoes
25 June 2011

Some of you are quite interested in Daniel Radcliffe’s fashion so we decided to update this post to give you what you are looking for. First, let’s begin with the kinds and brands of shoes that our British thespian (we can now call him a thespian, right) wears. Here’s Harry jumping with delight in his Vans Old Skool shoes.

Now, here’s Harry sitting like a Zen master (Deena says: Nope that’s not how a Zen master sits). What attracts us most to this photo? Well, aside from the subject himself, we’re kinda attracted by that bright yellow shoes which, according to Esquire Magazine, is a Maison Martin Margiela High-Top Trainers. That’s quite a tongue-twisting name for a shoes, no? Can you say, “Marie is wearing a Maison Martin Margiela shoes given to her by Maria”?

Another Dan Rad shoes is this Dunlop Flash Strap Shoes. It’s his traveling shoes according to .. well, according to us.

From DanRad’s shoes, let’s now focus on his jackets, okay? Here’s our Dan looking very cool and chic in his Belstaff leather jacket. Or, to be more specific, it’s a Belstaff Front Stripe Racing Vent Leather Jacket.

This other Daniel Radcliffe jacket is non-leather (hehe, non-leather huh?) but looks equally cool. He’s wearing a Berghaus Spectrum Interactive Fleece Jacket. Who’s that guy with him, you ask? That’s Harry Potter director David Yates.

Next, here’s Daniel making out with some tranny (we’re not sure if that’s his “friend” Our Lady J) in a photoshoot for the gay publication, Out Magazine. Okay, they’re not really making out but what did you expect us to say? That they’re working out? Well, that might work. After all, it looks like our Dan is carrying a “girl” twice as big as him so he’s kinda working out. You’re building some muscles, eh Dan?

Oh, right, you’re more interested in Dan’s jacket! What is he wearing? Well, fashionwatcher, he’s wearing a Balmain Homme Black Sportsman Jacket.

Finally, here’s our boy going formal and all giving a speech or something. What is he wearing? Coat and tie by Band of Outsiders is what he’s wearing.

Jeans for Skinny Guys: Daniel Radcliffe Fashion Style. Originally published on 10 December 2009. Updated on 25 June 2011