Emma Watson Skinny Jeans and Other Fashion Style

Emma Watson Low Rise Skinny Jeans

Apparently, Daniel Radcliffe isn’t the only Harry Potter kid (okay, Harry-Potter-kid-turned-young-adult) who loves him his kinda low rise denim jeans. Check out Emma Watson in her kinda low rise skinny jeans which she pairs with a clean white shirt. Nice simple and elegant look.

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Celebrity Tank Top Shirts: Emma Watson, Brown University College Girl
12 October 2010

Isn’t it refreshing to see a huge celebrity like Emma Watson doing normal stuff that we ordinary people do such as going to college. She deserves props, props, props from us. Sure, she’s still followed by the papz on campus which is not a normal thing for ordinary college kids but still ….. SHE’S GOING TO COLLEGE. And in her tank top shirts too like her fellow students! And what is that? A Nike short shorts? Maybe she’s attending gym class or something, no?

Go, Hermione!

Emma Watson’s Short Dress Style
26 February 2010


Emma Watson shows us how to rock the short dress. She looks awesome in that short yellow dress doesn’t she?

Now, we generally do not like polka dot dresses but this one is good. We think the trick when it comes to polka dot dresses is to find one where the dots are not too loud or too strong to the point that they distract attention from the girl wearing them.