Filipino Mens Underwear Brands: Best Philippine Label?

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Filipino Mens Underwear Brands: Best Philippine Label? Top male underwear such as brands like Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani, Jockey, and Hanes have conquered different parts of the world like the Philippines. Fortunately, they have not stamped out the existence of local underwear brands so Pinoys have a more diverse choice when it comes to their underpants. We have made a list of of ten Filipino underwear brands for you to pick from.

Hot Male Twins as Underwear Models: Which Pair Got The Best Pair?

hot male twin brothers modeling underwear - Alessandro and Nicolas Hasni

Hot Male Twins as Underwear Models: Who’s The Best Pair? TwinWatchers, you love our post on shirtless twins so we decided to bring you more gorgeous twins. This time, let’s focus on identical twin brothers who have found themselves a spot in the modeling world. Our list of 30 gorgeous identical twins begins with:

Seven Pink Underwear for Men: CK, Diesel, Bjorn Borg, Teamm8

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Pink Underwear For Men. Did you read that news report about how the sales for pink men’s underwear has gone up these past few years? Apparently, according to the report anyway, as the world economic crisis deepens more men are buying more colorful underwear to cheer themselves up. They’re not totally saying goodbye to your classic white underwear or your black boxers and gray briefs, they’re just expanding their options.

Left Handed Underwear for Men: Hom at Debenhams

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Left Handed Underwear for Men: Hom at Debenhams. Talk about niche marketing. A British underwear company, Hom, has designed underwears for left-handed men. The first time we read about it we’re like, “Huh? What’s that again? And how does it work?” Well, the pants will reportedly have “a horizontal slit on top of the gusset, rather than a vertical one on the right”.

Silk Mens Underwear Brand and Style Guide: Sexy, Smooth, Manly

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Silk Mens Underwear Brand and Style Guide: Hot, Smooth, Manly: Hello guy Famewatchers! Have you ever tried wearing silk underwear? If you haven’t, you should be more adventurous. Cotton underwear is cool but you should add more variety and spice and color to your underwear collection. So go buy yourself a silky briefs (or boxers). To help you make your choice, here are some 9 men’s silk underwear that’s available out there.