What Kind of Underwear Do Soccer Players Wear?

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What Kind of Underwear Do Soccer Players Wear? Let’s take some time to answer an internet question which goes: Do Soccer Players Wear Underwear? What the heck is that question? Of course, they do! You think soccer players are free balling while playing on the pitch? That would not be good for their family jewels. You need the jewels to be snug and stable and not flopping all around.

Soccer Players Underwear Models: Who’s The Best of Them All?

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Soccer Players Underwear Models. We already answered the question on whether soccer players wear underwear. Now, let’s check out some soccer or football players who — like David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Freddie Ljungberg — did some underwear modeling.

Mens Diesel Underwear Models: Ian Mellencamp and Other Hunks

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More Mens Diesel Underwear Models. Let’s update this post to point out that Diesel mens underwear isn’t only about boxers and briefs. Diesel also has chic loungewear for men. Like the hot pajamas on male model Nic Balducci below. Diesel loungewear is a fit outfit for those of you who’d like to just relax around the house.

White Pants Underwear For Men: Blend it With Tan Briefs

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White Pants Underwear For Men: Blend it With Tan Briefs. You are attending a wedding, or any formal event, and the dress code says you should wear white pants. So you dressed up, went your merry way, enjoyed yourself during the wedding although you got a little bit concerned with the occasional naughty glances that come your way.

Mens Lift Underwear: Bodymax From Marks and Spencer

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Mens Lift Underwear: Bodymax From Marks and Spencer. Check out Marks and Spencer’s Bodymax underwear which was recently launched by the British retailer. According to the Daily Telegraph, the £15 Bodymax “bum lift” underpants “promise to raise the posterior by a fifth thanks to seam-free tailoring, while the £10 ‘frontal enhancement’ pants claim to result in a 38 per cent “visual enhancement in size” as a result of an ‘integral shelf'”.