Mens Diesel Underwear Models: Ian Mellencamp and Other Hunks

Mens Diesel Underwear Models: Update. A decade later, we are updating this post to note that Diesel underwear model Ian Mellencamp did go on to become an actor but, apparently, he only appeared in one movie.

It appears like he decided to pursue a singing rather than an acting career because he’s now a songwriter as well as a singer who has released well-received albums. Props to the guy!

More Mens Diesel Underwear Models (1 June 2011). Let’s update this post to point out that Diesel mens underwear isn’t only about boxers and briefs. Diesel also has chic loungewear for men. Like the hot pajamas on male model Nic Balducci below. Diesel loungewear is a fit outfit for those of you who’d like to just relax around the house.

mens diesel underwear models nic baldacci

mens diesel underwear models pajamas

Of course, Diesel also has swimtrunks for men for the avid swimmers among us who’d like to go swimming in style. Here’s a Diesel swimwear collection presented at the Miami fashion show from way back in 2008. We know its, dated but the style is ageless. Right?

mens diesel underwear models swimwear

mens diesel underwear models swimwear hunk

Now, Diesel’s underwear collection may include all of the ones already mentioned but does it have sexy long johns? Of course it does, check out this black thermal underwear on this boyish male model.

mens diesel underwear models long johns

mens diesel underwear models long johns

By the by, Diesel has hot jockstraps for men too. But we are not going to publish any pictures of male models wearing them Diesel jockstraps because some of you Famewatchers might be scandalized by them. Hehehe.

Mens Diesel Underwear Models: Ian Mellencamp (15 November 2010). Want more Diesel mens underwear models? Male model Ian Mellencamp headlines the latest Diesel Spring/Summer campaign.

Ian, nephew of American rockstar John Mellencamp, sure is making a name for himself in the modeling world, isn’t he? He says he’s not sure if being related to a famous rockstar has helped his career.

Diesel mens underwear model Ian Mellencamp

He also wants to become an actor. From an interview with Soapbox Media:“Sometimes people know and randomly make a comment. I can’t be sure. It might help. I went to one of his concerts at Radio City Music Hall with Meg Ryan [John Mellencamp’s girlfriend] earlier this year. That could be good if I’m dabbling in acting. I’d like to transfer from modeling to acting if I can.”

Do you think he can become the next Ashton Kutcher, Mark Wahlberg, or Channing Tatum — former models all who successfully crossed over to the acting world and made it really, really big?

Diesel Underwear Model (1 November 2010). Okay, this post is for those of you who are fans of Diesel menswear particularly its “Intimate” underwear collection for men. These undies are all cool but we here at Famewatcher are debating whether the model below is a guy wearing women’s panties or a girl who kinda looks like a man. What do you think? This androgyny thing is confusing sometimes, no?

diesel mens underwear men wearing womens panties

Thankfully, there’s no question that these other photos are of men wearing men’s boxers and briefs. Nice tightie whitie, buddy! You’ve been a bad boy, huh?

diesel mens underwear tightie whities

Whoah? This reminds us of that song that goes, “How much is that doggie in the window?”

The oldest debate when it comes to menswear goes on: Boxers or briefs?

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