Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty Bromance

Chad Michael Murray Young Hunk in Speedo and Shirtless Photos. Look who’s now a Riverdale daddy? It’s our early aughts imaginary boyfriend Chad Michael Murray who played the role of the evil cult leader Edgar Evernever on The CW show.

Evernever? Really, Riverdale writers, can’t you think of a better name? It made us roll our eyes a-la Sister Michael on Derry Girls but, hey, the more opportunities we are gonna see our zaddy Chad Michael Murray on the screen, the happier we are.

chad michael murray riverdale hunk

chad michael murray shirtless body

Dancing in his boxer shorts.

chad michael murray underwear

Oh, here’s a photo of CMR wearing Speedo swimsuit when he was younger. The actor shared it on his Insta which you might want to follow @chadmichaelmurray.

chad michael murray young in speedo

By the way, we should note that Chad is now a daddy to two kids — a boy and a girl — with wife Sarah Roemer. Way to go, Chad Michael!

Chad Michael Murray James Lafferty Underwear and Shirtless Photos (13 May 2010). Pretty cool photo of two men – Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty – in boxers underwear. These One Tree Hill co-stars look good together, don’t they? Let’s call them boxers underwear buddies. Too bad Chad left the show in 2009 so there will be no more Chad and James moments like this.

james lafferty chad michael murray underwear

Which of these two actors have the better boxer shorts underwear? We gotta go with Chad but that’s because we are not fans of plaid undies.

chad michael murray james lafferty underwear

The view of Chad’s and James boxers underwear from the backside.
Want more male celebrity underwear?

chad michael murray james lafferty underwear photos

Chad Michael Murray goes for the “men with towels” look:

chad michael murray shirtless

While James Lafferty is looking oh-so-shaggable in his basketball shorts.

james lafferty shirtless photo

Oh wait, there’s more underwear photos for both Chad and James. First, here are two more screen-caps for Chad in his boxers.

chad michael murray boxers underwear

He is really a boxers underwear guy isn’t he? We still have to see any photos of him wearing a different style of underwear.

chad michael murray boxers underwear

Chad is a lucky dude because he looks cool whether he’s got a near-bald haircut or whether he’s got a shaggy curly hairstyle.

Now let’s give more focus on James Lafferty’s boxers underwear, shall we? Hey look, he’s wearing plaid boxer shorts! Oh wait, didn’t we know that already? Yes we did. Because we saw it in the very first photo above. Hehe.

james lafferty boxers underwear

Anyhoo, here’s another screencapped image of James looking oh-so-shaggadilic in his plaid boxer shorts.

chad michael murray shirtless

Question to you fellow Famewatchers? Who between Chad and James would you bring home to mama? We like both of them and we like to bring the two of them home. However, if we have to choose, we are gonna pick James. But this is only because we are heavily influenced by the people of Reddit who, for some reason, do not like the name Chad. Hehe.

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