JC Penney Mens Underwear: Stafford and Vintage Underwear

JC Penney Mens Underwear: Stafford and Vintage Underwear. Time for another look at some vintage men’s underwear. For this post, we’ll be checking out some undies sold by JC Penney which used to lord it over its competitors in the retail business. However, those days are now long gone. The retail brand struggled to adapt to the new ways of selling to the point that it had to file for bankruptcy last year.

Anyhoo, here are some of the vintage men’s underwear ads and catalog photos that JC Penney published in the old days:

classic mens underwear by jcpenney

classic mens underwear by jcpenney2

jcpenney big and tall underwear

jcpenney mens underwear - classic

jcpenney mens underwear - machine washable insulated underwear

jcpenney mens underwear 50 kodel polyester and 50 combed cotton

jcpenney tall and big underwear - jcpenney low rise briefs 50 polyester 50 combed cotton

jcpenney thermal underwear

Of all these classic men’s underwear, our friend Kevin is not convinced that the next one below falls under the underwear category. To him, they look more like pajamas than underthings. However, these are considered undies during there time and, according to the Christian Science Monitor, they were in fact issued as underwear to soldiers during World War II.

mens suit underwear - mid length union - ankle length union - mid length nainsook union suit

Stafford Men’s Underwear. Ever heard of Stafford underwear? This is actually the first time we are hearing of it but, apparently, Stafford is a menswear line under the JCPenney umbrella. It is more known for its shoes and tailored men’s outfits but, as you’ll see in the next photos, it does sell men’s underwear too.

vintage mens underwear jcpenney white briefs

You think the half-pulled pants trick showing a man’s underwear is a new thing? Nah, advertisers have been doing it since the dawn of time.

stafford underwear for men - jcpenney - pants down

A package of new and improved Stafford boxer briefs. We wonder when these was released because this actually looks old schoolish for a pair of boxer briefs.

stafford underwear for men - jcpenney

We’ve wondered about the colors of the bands on the waist line and it is clear now that they are black and gold. Those are actually really good combination, no?

jcpenney mens underwear brand - stafford

Ahh, the days when men wore all white undies and undershirt. There’s something very attractive about this style but ensuring that the outfits are clean and fresh as well as washing the garments themselves is a challenge, ain’t it?

jcpenney stafford underwear for men

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