Beefy Muscle Men: Vintage Hollywood and Modern Bodybuilders

beefy muscle men of hollywood steve reeves hercules

Beefy Muscle Men: Vintage Hollywood and Modern Bodybuilders. After Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is there any other Hollywood actor, particularly among the up-and-coming set, who have the physique of stocky muscled men in the mold of sculpted celebrities in the past?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Speedo, Posing Trunks, Underwear Photos

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger speedo

Arnold Schwarzenegger Speedo, Posing Trunks, Underwear Photos. While browsing Reddit, we came across the photo below of a young Arnold walking in public in nothing but a pair of skimpy Speedos. Apparently, this was a marketing ploy to promote a Munich gym which was the home gym of the up-and-coming bodybuilder when he moved to the German city from Austria. He was reportedly only 20 years old at this time but is already sculpted in all the right places.

Nigel Barker Shirtless, Sloggi Underwear Model, Ethnic Background

nigel barker underwear model for sloggi

Nigel Barker Shirtless, Underwear Model, Ethnicity. One of the good things when we do blog post updates is we discover new things about the people we are blogging about. For instance, did you know that Nigel is part Sri-Lankan? Apparently, her mom Gillian was originally from Sri Lanka. She was a model, beauty queen, and was a contestant in the Miss Sri Lanka pageant. In an interview with, Nigel reveals that its actually her mom who deserves credit for him becoming a model:

Martin Sheen Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? No, it’s Ellen’s Undies

martin sheen underwear briefs on apocalypse now

Martin Sheen Shirtless as a Young Man: Vintage Photos. The hilarious photo of Martin Sheen showing us his Ellen underwear at the Toronto International Film Festival prompted us to go, “Hmmm, what does Martin look like when he was younger? Does he also love to show off his undies when he was young?”

Jeff Aquilon First Male Supermodel Should Be In Wikipedia

jeff aquilon speedo vintage photo

Jeff Aquilon First Male Supermodel Update. Why the hell does Jeff Aquilon not have a wikipedia page? We never considered the idea but we are now tempted to create an account on the internet repository of knowledge simply to right this injustice. Surely it’s not the dearth of reputable sources about the guy because tons of articles have been written about him in prestigious papers like the New York Times.

Vintage Mens Underwear: Jeff Aquilon, First Male Supermodel

Vintage Mens Underwear

Vintage Mens Underwear Ads: Jeff Aquilon. Wow. Jeff Aquilon, arguably the world’s first male supermodel, is gorgeous. Check out this 1980s vintage photos of Jeff modeling men’s underwear. His long john thermal undies pic reportedly made his career to skyrocket.