Shemar Moore Young Model: Shirtless, Underwear, and Speedo Hunk

Shemar Moore Young Model: Shirtless, Underwear, and Speedo Hunk. Before he became an established actor in Hollywood, Shemar Moore did some modeling gigs to make money.

Shemar, of course, isn’t the first one to do so. In fact, practically all actors and actresses did some modeling for rent money or to buy food for the kitchen. However, the S.W.A.T. lead actor is probably the first to publicly acknowledge his maybe a bit embarrassing and totally revealing modeling photos.

He did so by sharing this photo of his younger self wearing a pair of barely there Speedo swimsuit on his Instagram page (follow him @shemarfmoore).

shemar moore speedo model

He posted the above photo with the following comment which made us love him even more: “ooooooooh let the rumors START!!!! Yup… that’s ME… 28 years ago… ask yourself… FELLAS… when you’re BROKE and a swimsuit company offers you $1,500 per day to wear a banana Hamock… would you do it? I DID!!! … oops… It aint how you start… it’s how you finish!!! HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?!!! 😜😜”

Now, since we are all about male celebrity Speedos here on Famewatcher, we went digging for more of Shemar’s modeling photos and we are happy to report that we found a treasure trove. Yay!

Whether in bikini swimsuit, boxers underwear, short shorts, or simply going shirtless in jeans, our Shemar is totally rocking it as a model.

shemar moore shirtless body

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shemar moore underwear peekabo

shemar moore underwear

shemar moore young shirtless abs

shemar moore young speedo model

Of course, our young Shemar isn’t only about modeling in various states of undress. He looked pretty good in clothes too even if said clothes would be ones no man would be caught dead wearing today because of how baggy they are, their busy patterns, or their really bright colors. Ahh, the 80s.

shemar moore modeling photos

shemar moore hot male model

Oh, we actually like his jacket.

shemar moore model

And the shirt is pretty cool too.

shemar moore young male model

Let’s end this post with a shirtless photo of a young Shemar shall we? The guy is really, really, really hot.

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