Hot 90s Men: Are These Models Now Vintage Hunks?

Hot 90s Men: Are They Vintage Hunks? Huh, did you know that photos of centerfold hunks from 1990s magazines are now considered vintage? It’s something we learned today while about to write this post.

Apparently, anything 20 years old or older can go to the vintage “category” and this includes fashion, furniture, gadgets and, yes, those 1990s magazines containing images of hunky men in barely there outfits doing suggestive poses.

Anyhoo, to celebrate the 1990s, here are photos of the manliest of male models and celebrities from that era for us to appreciate. Because there’s 12 of them, let’s call them the Hot Dozen of the 90s, shall we?

Okay, let’s start with this shirtless guy in jeans who, from what we gathered, goes by the very generic name of Frank Smith.

hot 90s men - frank smith

Next up, a good looking guy named Dean Vetricek who’s rocking his classic muscle shirt while calling someone in a landline phone which we are going to bet is a rotary dial. Haha. Don’t you just love the 90s.

1990s vintage hunks Dean Vetricek

Ronaldo Sanchez looks hot, hot, hot with his sculpted abs and all. Want more hot vintage men?

1990s vintage hunks ronaldo sanchez2

Oh wait, there’s actually only 11 guys in this post because the next guy below is also Ronaldo Sanchez.

1990s vintage hunks ronaldo sanchez2

David Salas has a nice smile, and a nice tank top, and very nice biceps sculpted from his gym workouts.

hot men of the 90s David Salas

The next guy below is either David Celaya or Steve Ryder. Sorry, we tried to identify him correctly but we’re stumped at this point.

hot men of the 90s David Celaya - may also be steve ryder

Here’s another one who’s name we ain’t sure of 100%. He is either Doug Cloutier or Dirk Shafer.

hot men 90s - Doug Cloutier or dirk shafer

And this book-loving guy with a body to die for is our favorite of our Hot Dozen (minus one). His name is Michael Maguire who also goes by Mike.

hot 90s men mike maguire

Massich Kent goes for the hot carpenter look and succeeds at it.

1990s vintage hunks Massich Kent

Don Masters poses like a pro as in, like them Greek god sculptures.

1990s vintage hunks don masters

Chris Pearson in boxer briefs underwear.

1990s vintage hunks chris pearson2

And finally, here’s the hunky Bart Savage going biking. He looks gorgeous and all but that shirt is horrendous and a true crime against fashion which, thankfully, the 90s didn’t commit as much unlike the decade it succeeded.

1990s vintage hunks bart savage

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