Froy Gutierrez Shirtless, Girlfriend, Acting Gigs

froy gutierrez hot in tanktop and jeans - man about town

Froy Guttierez Shirtless Update. We are updating this post to bring you more fab photos of Froy particularly these magazine pics of him rocking his tank top shirts. Kinda old school Hollywood, no? Reminds us of Marlon Brando in Streetcar Named Desire. Anyhoo, first photo is from Man About Town while the next one is from Mood Magazine.

Ethan Peck Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, Family

ethan peck hot shirt

Ethan Peck Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, Family. Ethan Peck sure looks great in his white tank top shirt, doesn’t he? Props to the directors and photographers who’ve blessed us with this look. Haha. Ethan’s dad, Stephen, also did some acting but he is more know as the president and CEO of U.S. VETS which is an organization seeking to end veteran homelessness in the U.S.

Sebastian Martinez Shirtless, Young, Gay or Girlfriend?

Sebastián Martínez underwear

Sebastian Martinez Shirtless, Young, Gay or Girlfriend? So aside from our Latino zaddy Michel Brown who we wrote about yesterday, the other hot actor who is starring in the Netflix show The Marked Heart (aka Palpitos) is Sebastian Martinez. Specifically, he is playing the role of a mob boss who ordered the killing of a woman to get her heart transplanted to his ailing wife. Damn! South Americans really do know how to make their telenovelas, don’t they?

Adam Rodriguez Young, Shirtless, Wedding, and Workout Photos

adam rodriguez young hot

Adam Rodriguez Shirtless, Young, and Wedding Update. Oh boy, time really moves fast, doesn’t it? In the original post below, we were blogging about Adam Rodriguez joining the cast of Empire as a guest character. Seven years later, the guy has gone on to do many other projects and is now a certifiable zaddy because he got himself a wife and they’re raising a family and all. Good for you, Adam. Anyhoo, here’s a wedding photo of the actor when he tied the knot with Italian model Grace Gail back in 2016:

Channing Tatum Young Model, Underwear, Awards

channing tatum sweatpants

Channing Tatum Young, Shirtless, Sweatpants. Of all our imaginary boyfriends, Channing Tatum is the kind who will always get our attention. We kinda forget about him for awhile and then he’s back in the news so we’ll go, “Hey, imaginary boyfriend! How you doin’?” Well, apparently, he is doing fine! And he is back in our radar because he is making Magic Mike 3. We do not know how to feel about that because he’s done it twice already but, hey, who are we to complain when he is willing, able, and ready to entertain. Haha.

Steven Strait Shirtless, Speedo, and Girlfriend Update

steven strait hot tank top shirt

Steven Strait Shirtless, Speedo Underwear, and Girlfriend (16 December 2015). Famewatchers, meet our new imaginary boyfriend! His name is Steven Strait. He is 29 years old. He is an actor, a model, and a rock singer. That’s a triple threat right there. And he is starring in what’s being called the new Battlestar Galactica, the space opera/mystery series The Expanse on the Syfy channel. Here’s our new beau looking gorgeous in his white tank top shirt. Does he kinda look like Taylor Lautner? Maybe they are long lost cousins or something.