Richard Gere Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Richard Gere Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Time for another post on hot men from the 1980s and this time let us check out the gorgeousness of the talented actor that is Richard Gere.

If you were around in the 1980s and 1990s, you’d know that Richard is one of the biggest stars in those decades.

It’s hard to think of his contemporary equivalent among today’s younger Hollywood celebrities but if we have to hazard a guess it would probably be Chris Hemsworth except that Chris’ popularity is bolstered by his participation in a massive superhero franchise. In contrast, Richard needed no franchise for his movies to bring in money in the box office.

Richard is the embodiment of a Hollywood beefcake and many a fan became a fan because of his willingness to chuck off his shirt as he does in the 1980 film American Gigolo.

richard gere american gigolo body

richard gere shirtless american gigolo

He also goes shirt-free in the 1983 movie Breathless where plays a carjacker who falls in love.

richard gere body breathless 1983

And here’s Richard going shirtless in the 1978 drama Blood Brothers where he plays a young man torn between following in his brothers’ footsteps or to do his own thing.

richard gere shirtless in blood brothers 1978

Richard in the 1982 romantic movie An Officer and a Gentleman.

richard gere shirtless an officer and a gentleman

He looks cool when he’s chillin’ in bed but he also looks cool and hot AF in his white navy uniform.

richard gere hot in uniform

Richard Gere Underwear and Speedo Photos. Is Richard’s short boxer shorts in American Gigolo the precursor to today’s boxer briefs? Looks like it, no?

richard gere body hot

richard gere underwear american gigolo

Did you know that the actor modeled underwear in Japan? Unfortunately, we can’t read Japanese so we are totally clueless on what the text is saying in the advert below.

richard gere underwear briefs

Want more male celebrity underwear?

richard gere underwear young briefs

We are still researching where the photo of the actor sleeping in his Speedos came from. If you know, do tell.

richard gere speedo - briefs

Looking good in a military uniform.

richard gere young man in uniform

The next shirtless photo of the actor when he was maybe in his 20s is what prompted us to write this post.

richard gere young

Richard Gere Relationship Status? He is married to beautiful wife Alejandra Silva with whom he has two sons. Richard also has another son from an earlier marriage.

richard gere wife alejandra silva

Update: Our friend Deena suggests that Richard’s equivalent in contemporary Hollywood is Ryan Reynolds and we totally agree that the Canadian actor is a better fit. Here are more gorgeous photos of the actor.

richard gere body and jeans

richard gere hot male model

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