Diego Luna Shirtless, Young, Awards, Girlfriend

Diego Luna Shirtless, Young, Awards, Girlfriend. Through the years, Mexican actor Diego Luna continues to be a mainstay in Hollywood and we are so happy for him. Yay! He is the headliner in the upcoming TV series Andor where he plays the titular character Cassian Andor. He was one of the leads in the critically acclaimed Netflix series Narcos: Mexico. And he played a drag queen in the 2019 movie Berlin, I Love You. Diego is the proof that talent does go a long way.

diego luna drag queen in berlin i love you

We failed to mention in our initial post below that the actor has won tons of trophies from different award-giving bodies. Per IMDB, he’s won a total of 22 awards and has been nominated for 22 other times. His latest acting trophy would be from the 2021 Daytime Emmys for his performance in Pan y Circo while his earliest would be from the Venice Film Festival which gave him Gael the Marcello Mastroianni Award back in 2001.

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Logan Shroyer Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards

Logan Shroyer Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards. Today in Hot Men in Suits, we bring you 23-year-old actor Logan Shroyer who has already won a Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG) award. If our friend Kevin is to be believed — and we have no reason to not believe him in this one — a SAG trophy is the second most prestigious acting award after the Oscars. So our Logan, despite being a relative newbie in the industry and despite being a twentysomething, can already boast that he’s got a SAG Award. Yay!

Logan Shroyer hot in tuxedo - emmys 2018 red carpet

His award is thanks to his role in This is Us where he played the teen version of Kevin Pearson who was played by Justin Hartley as an adult. Here’s the two with their SAG trophies:

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Peter Scanavino Shirtless, Young, Modeling Photos

Peter Scanavino Shirtless, Young, Modeling Photos. Today in Guys Who Look Hot in Suits, we bring you Peter Scanavino who plays the always dapper Dominick Carisi Jr. on the long-running NBC police procedural Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Seriously, can you think of another character in this genre who is as put together fashionwise as Dominick. If he is in the Elementary Sherlock Holmes universe (aka the CBS show), Sherlock and his slovenly ways will be annoyed (and secretly jealous) of the fact that our Dominick has got no hair astray.

peter scanavino svu suit and tie

peter scanavino hot in suit and tie - svu

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Hot Men in Suit: Celebrity Fashion Style Edition

Hot Men in Suit: Celebrity Style Edition. It’s male celebrity fashion time. So we’re bringing you these photos of your favorite actors and celebrities dressed in their dapper, nifty, gorgeous suit and tie outfits. If you want more men’s suit and tie, click here. But first, here’s Italian wrestling gold medalist Andrea Minguzzi. What a fine, fine man. Want more Hot Men in Suit?

hot men in suits andrea minguzzi italian wrestler

Jake Pavelka of The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars.

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Brandon Perea Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Brandon Perea Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend Update. Look who’s starring as one of the main characters in an upcoming Jordan Peele movie. It’s Brandon Perea who we first blogged about back in 2016. Back then, he was one of the new up-and-coming cast members of the Netflix show, The OA. Nowadays, he is starring in an critically acclaimed Hollywood movie which is predicted to make lots of money in the box office.

We are so happy for our favorite mixed race actor and he sure is very happy too because he shared these photos on his Insta (follow him @brandonperea) with the accompanying message: “FIRST BILLBOARD EVER FEELS!!! I know at face value it’s just a big photo hangin high, but this represents so much more for me. Basically my lifetime of work to get to a moment like this. Gotta appreciate these wins on this journey. Always envisioned this yo… but not at this level.. this is far bigger than I imagined the first one being.. A mf Jordan Peele movie?!?! Standing next to all of those veterans?! Shot on 65mm Film?! By Hoyte?! With Universal?! I AM NOT TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL TO BE GOIN THIS CRAZY OVER THIS STUFF! GOD IS LOOKING OUT! Thank you to all these peeps for taking such good care of me during this entire process, @jordanpeele, the cast and crew, the homies at @monkeypawproductions, the @universalpictures team, and @carmencubacasts!”

brandon perea nope billboard

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