William H. Bryant Jr. Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch

William H. Bryant Jr. Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch. Are you looking for an imaginary boyfriend to end all imaginary boyfriends? Well, lemme introduce you to the hunky gorgeous guy that is William H. Bryant Jr. He is a former college jock who played football at the Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. And he is presently an actor who excels both in stage plays and in front of the camera.

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His most prominent role to date would be as the Aaron Jeffries in the TV series Greenleaf which you can check out on the Oprah Winfrey Network. He also stars in two episodes of The Young and The Restless and appears in the movie I’m Charlie Walker which was released this year per IMDB.

On stage, the handsome actor has starred in the Marin Shakespeare production of Othello, played William in the Black Repertory Theater production of Mulatto, and starred as Thunder in The Gigolo Chronicles staged by the Bay Area Performing Arts Collective. Here are photos of the actor and his co-stars we grabbed from the BAPAC website.

william h bryant gigolo - theater play - bay area performing arts

As already mentioned above, before he became a professional actor, William was a student of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver where he was a varsity football star. Vancouver is also usually the shooting venue for a lot of Hollywood productions so he got kinda introduced to the entertainment biz.

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In an interview with rollingout.com, he tells us how he got his start as an actor: “It was always something that was in the back of my mind. I always thought about doing it, but it was always sports first. I ended up playing football in college in Vancouver. A bunch of my friends were in the industry up there, and that’s when I started getting a little inspired. I ended up moving back home and telling my mom, ‘I think I want to try acting.’ She was extremely supportive and actually got me set up on a casting website in San Francisco.”

He adds: “I ended up on a TV show called ‘Wives with Knives.’ That was my first time acting ever. I ended up doing a lot of theater and fell in love with it. After three years in the Bay Area, I decided to move to Los Angeles, and that’s when I booked ‘Greenleaf.’ It was actually my first audition in Los Angeles.”

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If there’s one thing that surprises us about the guy, it’s the fact that it does not look like he tried pursuing a pro career as a model. With his good looks, height, and all he’d have been successful at it too. Anyhoo, check out some of his photos which we grabbed from his social media (follow him on Facebook @wbryantjr or on Instagram @thewilljr):

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william h bryant shirtless actor

william h bryant cowboy hunk

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Our favorite pics, of course, are when he goes shirtless:

william h bryant shirtless in nature

william h bryant jr underwear

William H. Bryant Jr. Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He plays an LGBT character in Greenleaf — as the lover of Tye White — but we do not know whether he is straight or gay in real life. Wait, is the girl below his girlfriend? Nah. That’s a fellow model from a gig he did with a spa resort. We do not know whether he is in a relationship at the moment but we will update this post once we do have the information.

william h bryant girlfriend or not - modeling for a spa

William H. Bryant Ethnicity and Parents. He is African American. Here’s a photo of the actor with his mom. We can’t find any of him and his dad at the moment but will update if we do.

william h bryant parents

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