Russell Tovey Boyfriend? Plus Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Russell Tovey Boyfriend Plus Shirtless and Underwear Photos. When we first posted this article back in 2015, we mentioned that Russell does have a boyfriend but we didn’t know who he is. Well, we should have done a better job looking because he was apparently dating Daniel Unda at that time.

Here are some pics of Russell and Daniel whom Russell described as “literally the best Venezuelan in the world”.

russell tovey boyfriend - daniel unda1

Sadly, these two must have already broken up. Daniel appears to have a new boyfriend (based on his Instagram posts).

Meanwhile, the British tabloid speculated that Russell is dating Sam Smith because they were spotted in a concert going kissy-kissy.

russell tovey sam smith boyfriends or just friends

Apparently, another name to include in the Russell Tovey boyfriend list is actor Michael Arden. The two were an item nearly ten years ago.

russell tovey michael arden boyfriends 2007

Some of you are wondering whether the Russell Tovey boyfriend list includes Nico Mirallegro. So did they date? Nah, they just co-starred on the gay football play The Pass.

russell tovey boyfriend - nico mirallegro - the pass stage costars

In our dreams, Russell would be boyfriends with his Quantico co-star David Bradley Lim. That ain’t likely to happen though because David is straight and has a girlfriend.

russell tovey boyfriend - david bradley lim - quantico costar

Russell Tovey Underwear (5 February 2015). Look who’s rocking his Calvin Klein boxer briefs? It’s Looking actor Russell Tovey. However, these photos are not from the HBO show but from The Pass, a stage play he starred in last year at the Royal Court Theatre in London. Here are more pics from the well-reviewed show in which Russell plays a closeted gay football player named Jason.

russell tovey shirtless underwear

Russell with co-star Gary Carr who plays Jason’s friend, roommate, and teammate Ade.

These two may be friends but they don’t wear the same brand of underwear. Ade opts for Hugo Boss while Jason is a Calvin Klein dude.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, Russell is also starring in the HBO show, Looking. Here’s the British actor being the object of affection of co-star Jonathan Groff.

russell tovey with jonathan groff - looking

Russell, for those of you who don’t know, is openly gay. He was initially rejected by his parents for his sexuality but they have since patched things up. The Guardian tells us more about Russell’s growing up years as a young gay dude:

At school he always had girlfriends. It was only when he got into his mid-teens that he realised they didn’t do that much for him, that he was attracted to boys. “Looking back, I always knew. But you don’t really know till you get to a point where you go, oh, that’s what makes me happier.” At 18, he came out to his family and his father tried to talk him out of it. “My dad was of that generation where it’s changeable if you get it early enough.”

How would he have changed you?

“Hormone therapy or shock treatment, all of these horror things that you watch. You see, they had all this Aids thing. It was all, ‘Don’t die of ignorance.’ My nan thought being gay was a disease. It’s just a generational, educational thing. And Dad was like, ‘I wish you would have told us sooner because we would have done something about it.'”

Were you surprised by the reaction?

“No, I was prepared for it.”

Was it based on prejudice or fear?

“Not knowing. Not knowing anybody else who is gay, not experiencing it, hearing of people dying of Aids and seeing, say, Larry Grayson on TV and thinking, that’s it. Seeing gay men appear in stories in which they were miserable and sad. And I think he felt sad and worried for me, that I’d have a terrible life if I made this choice. And he thought it was a choice, because being straight is so natural, why would you want to be anything different from that?”

Russell Tovey Boyfriend. The same Guardian article (published in 2013) states that Russell has a boyfriend but does not name the lucky guy. Sadly, despite our diligent effort, we can’t find any more info about Russell’s boyfriend. If you happen to know who the guy is, do tell in the comments. Hehe.