Peter Scanavino Shirtless, Young, Modeling Photos

Peter Scanavino Shirtless, Young, Modeling Photos. Today in Guys Who Look Hot in Suits, we bring you Peter Scanavino who plays the always dapper Dominick Carisi Jr. on the long-running NBC police procedural Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Seriously, can you think of another character in this genre who is as put together fashionwise as Dominick. If he is in the Elementary Sherlock Holmes universe (aka the CBS show), Sherlock and his slovenly ways will be annoyed (and secretly jealous) of the fact that our Dominick has got no hair astray.

peter scanavino svu suit and tie

peter scanavino hot in suit and tie - svu

Young Peter Scanavino. Look at our young Peter looking gorgeous in his military-style shirt and attention-getting red pants!

peter scanavino young male model

He is less put together in this next photo though. No doubt Dominick the character will tell Peter the actor to comb his hair and to button that damn shirt. We like it as it is but we’re not sure if Dominick will approve.

peter scanavino young

Peter Scanavino Underwear and Shirtless Photos. The actor in boxer shorts from the 2008 Broadway production of Boys Life.

peter scanavino underwear boxer shorts - boys life

Peter is chilling in his underoos for this scene in Boys Life with costars Jason Biggs and Rhys Coiro.

peter scanavino underwear boxer shorts - boys life 2008 broadway with Jason Biggs and Rhys Coiro

peter scanavino shirtless

Peter Scanavino Gay or Straight? He is straight and married to wife Lisha Bail. Lisha is a painter who founded the Studio Archive Project. The couple are the proud parents of three children.

peter scanavino lisha bai

peter scanavino wife lisha bai

Though he is straight, Peter mentioned during an SVU press event that he would have welcomed it if Dominick is a member of the LGBT community.

From “Scanavino, the newest addition to the SVU cast as Detective Dominick ‘Sonny’ Carisi, said he’d be completely fine if they had his character come out of the closet. ‘I think it would be cool because it would kind of against type, you know what I mean? And I think it would be interesting,’ he said at a recent press event on the SVU set.”

He adds, “I think definitely right now it’s very fortunate that you could have a gay police officer where you could be like that’s almost a throw away. It’s not going to be he’s the gay police officer, he’s just doing his job.”

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