Sexy Male Country Singers: Josh Turner, Hairy Hunk

SEXY MALE COUNTRY SINGERS. If you are a fan of country music and of men with chest hair then you, like our good friend Deena, would be going, “Mmmm. Yowza!” when you see this photos of American country singer Josh Turner. You shouldn’t be saying it loud though in case his wife, Jennifer, hears you and kicks your behind for hitting on her man. And, get this, we will be cheering for her too. Hehe. Also, Josh is a devout Christian so don’t you dare lead him astray.

Bob Dylan on Barack Obama

Isn’t Bob Dylan awesome? And isn’t Obama awesome too? Yup! They’re both Teh Awesome so we’re thrilled that Bob, who will be releasing a new album Together Through Life, talked about Obama in an interview with Times Online. But first, check out young Bob Dylan singing Blowing in the Wind in the video above. More…