Gavin DeGraw Shirtless Photos + Boxers or Briefs Question?

Gavin DeGraw Shirtless Photos + Boxers or Briefs Question? Are you looking for a shirtless photo of Gavin DeGraw? It looks like our 36-year-old pop-rock/R&B singer is not into getting himself photographed shirtless — unlike these Shirtless Country Singers —  but we’ve got a shirtless Gavin for you. Check it out:

gavin de graw shirtless

Take two of a shirtless Gavin DeGraw. Is that a peekabo underwear we are seeing there?

gavin degraw shirtless body

Speaking of underwear, does our Gavin wear boxers or briefs? He was asked this question in this interview with 104.3 MYfm’s New Music Show. His answer (at the 5:15 mark) goes, “I don’t know. Whatever the sock will fit into.” Hehehe. Now that’s a creative answer.

We get that to mean that he wears both boxers and briefs. Sadly, the interviewer didn’t ask a follow-up question to clarity that “fit into” thing. What a missed opportunity. She should have gone, “Hmmm. Does that mean you need an enhancement down there?” What do you think, Gavin DeGraw fans? You think your idol needs a sock down there?

Gavin goes, “Lemme show you my nips.” Kinda slutty but we’re not complaining.

gavin degraw shirtless photo

Question: Does Gavin have a girlfriend? Answer: According to he dated actress Amanda Loncar back in 2004. Is he dating someone now? Internet reports have it that he and Colbie Caillat have been dating since 2012. We don’t know if these reports are true (most likely they’re just rumors in ALL CAPS) but here’s Gavin and Colbie during the Rolling Stone Magazine Official 2012 American Music Awards VIP After Party.

gavin degraw colbie caillat dating or not

They do look good together, don’t they? Oh wait, doesn’t the internets also say that Gavin is gay? Nah, it does not say that. In fact, our friends at don’t think he is: “According to 107 visitors Gavin DeGraw is 53% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Gavin DeGraw is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

I guess that settles the matter. Probably our favorite comment about the “is gavin gay or straight” question would be this one we found on “IMHO Gavin is about as gay as Clay Aiken is straight.”

That’s it for now, Famewatchers. You sure win the day, Yuku commenter.

gavin degraw leather jacket

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