Scotty McCreery Shirtless, Hot in Suit, and Girlfriend Photos

Scotty McCreery Shirtless, Wedding, Awards Update. Six years later, we are updating this post to note that our country music star is now a married guy. He and longtime girlfriend Gabi Dugal got married on 16 June 2018. And they announced this year that they were expecting a baby boy who was born two months ago last October. So our Scotty ain’t just a married dude these days, he is a certified daddy too! Yay! Congratulations to Scotty and Gabi.

Scotty McCreery wedding photos to wife gabi people mag

Scotty McCreery wedding photos

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Chuck Wicks Shirtless, Ironman Hunk, and Wedding Photos

Chuck Wicks Wedding, Leather Jacket, and More Ironman Photos. Did you know that Chuck tied the knot back in July 2019 with now-wife Kasi Williams? We should have known this back when we last updated this post in December 2019 but we were more interested in our imaginary beau’s shirtless pics so we failed to mention it. Anyhoo, better late than never as they say so here are some photos from their wedding which we grabbed from People Magazine:

chuck wicks wedding to kasi williams

chuck wicks wedding to kasi williams2

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Tim McGraw Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Awards

Tim McGraw Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Awards. Let us add Tim McGraw to our list of legitimate singers who became legitimate actors, shall we? So far, in our book, those who are in this list include Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Cher, Jennifer Hudson, Ice Cube, Ludacris, Barbra Streisand, Mandy Moore, and Jennifer Lopez.

tim mcgraw as James Dutton in 1883 yellowstone prequel

Our friend Kevin suggested that Beyonce and Mark Wahlberg should be added to the list but we don’t know about that. Sure Beyonce did some movies but can you remember any noteworthy movie or TV project she did. Meantime, Mark did some rapping but we can’t think of any song to associate with him.

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Blake Shelton Underwear, Young, Wedding, Awards

Blake Shelton Underwear, Wedding, Awards. Eight years later, we finally have a photo of Blake Shelton in his underwear! Yay! Not only that, we have him wearing his tighty whities while singing in public too. And, get this, it isn’t just any ordinary public place, he sang in his underwear during an episode of The Voice where he serves as one of the judges. But is this all true?

blake shelton underwear on the voice2

Nah, it ain’t true at all. The video, from which these two images were screencapped, were digitally altered as a joke by the staff of The Ellen Degeneres Show when Blake’s wife, Gwen Stefani, guested on the morning show. They actually did a pretty convincing job, if you ask us.

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Keith Urban Shirtless, Young, Wedding, Awards

Keith Urban Shirtless, Young, Wedding, Awards. You think we’re done updating our post about our favorite Speedo-wearing Australian country singer? Of course not! But, for this update, we ain’t gonna focus on his swimsuit anymore. Rather, we will update you on the many awards he’s received as arguably the most successful Australian country singer.

keith urban grammy awards

According to his wikipedia page, Keith has a total of 39 awards from prestigious bodies such as the Grammys (a total of four), the Country Music Association Award (which named him twice as Entertainer of the Year), American Music Award, and several others which are just too many to mention. Oh, he even won a Teen Choice Award in 2011 (as male country artist) which means that teens have good choice in music too.

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Gay Male Country Singers: Eight Out and Proud Country Stars

Gay Male Country Singers. We are updating this post again because, oh boy, being a friend of Dorothy and being a country singer has gone mainstream. And by mainstream, we mean a multi-awarded country singer announcing that he is a member of the LGBT community and kissing his boyfriend when after receiving the Best Vocal Duo trophy in this year’s Community Music Awards (CMA).

If you have been living under a rock (or really not into country music news), we are referring to TJ Osborne, the lead vocalist for the country duo Brothers Osborne. He came out as gay last February making him, in the words of wikipedia, “the first openly gay artist signed to a major country music label”. In this instance, the duo is signed with EMI Nashville.

This year, Brothers Osborne won the Country Music Association Award for Vocal Duo of the Year which is their fourth from the CMA (they won previously in 2016, 2017, and 2018) and, as earlier mentioned, he went on to kiss his boyfriend in the same manner that his brother went on to kiss his wife. Yay! Anyhoo, here’s a shirtless photo of TJ Osborne.

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