Shirtless Country Singers: Hunk Artists of Country Music

Shirtless Country Singers: Hunks of Country Music. Are you a fan of country music? If you’ve been reading Famewatcher for some time, you would know that Kevin is more of a pop/rock kind of guy. Deena, for her part, is all about country, country, and country while yours truly listens to an eclectic mix of genres which, of course, includes a liking for country music and appreciation for its singing hunks particularly those who are “brave” enough to go shirtless.

shirtless country singers - kenny chesney - facebook

Let’s check these shirtless male country artists, shall we? Let’s begin with Kenny Chesney who’s one of the country hunks usually seen with his shirt off. That’s him in the first pic above but we also have more shirtless photos of the “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” singer. Check ’em out.

kenney chesney washboard abs

Wowza! If our boyfriend’s body is as fit as Kenny’s we wouldn’t mind if he walks around the house without his shirt. Hehe.

kenny chesney shirtless - sexy upper body

Next up in our list of shirtless country singers is Big Kenny of the country duo, Big and Rich. Big Kenny’s real name, for those of you who are wondering is actually William Kenneth Alphin.

Big-Kenny-Shirtless - big and rich duo

Is country/rock star Brantley Gilbert the bad boy of country music? Nah! But you can call him a reformed boy because he, with the help of his music, was able to turn his life around.

shirtless country singers - brantley gilbert country rock star

How sexy is Darryl Worley in the next pic below? Now this is the kind of photo, part of a Playgirl photoshoot in 2007 where Darryl strips to his briefs underwear, which will convince our friend Kevin to listen to country music. Hehe.

darryl worley playgirl

Do country singers work out? Of course they do! Check out Jake Owens working out his awesome washboard abs.

jake owen abs workout - no shirt

Another pic of Jake performing shirtless in a concert. What kind of trousers is he wearing? Is that it’s style or did the pants rip and got him exposed?

shirtless country singers - jake owen showing underwear

Does this photo of a shirtless Charles Kelley of the country pop group Lady Antebellum make you want to go to the beach?

shirtless country singers charles kelley

Like the pic above, this photo of country singer Dierks Bentley also makes us want to leave our mother’s basement and go out to sea. Funny how images can easily affect us, no?

Dierks Bentley shirtless

Seems like country singers really love to enjoy the water. Here’s country/surfing hunk Kip Moore surfing.

kip moore surf hunk

Kip with some fans who won his “come surf with me” contest.

kip moore fans

JT Hodges is not only a good singer, he’s a good fisherman too as proven by that fish he caught! City gals like us here at Famewatcher are impressed by country boys who knows how to catch fish. Hehe.

jt hodges - shirtless country singer

It goes without saying that we are also impressed by men in their 40s who can rock a Speedo swimsuit. We are referring, of course, to American Idol judge Keith Urban.


Blake Shelton’s kissing buddy Luke Bryan shows off his big biceps. [See Blake and Luke kiss in our post on Blake Shelton’s Underwear.]


Another shirtless Luke Bryan photo this time with a fan named Cathy Bement.

luke bryan shirtless at darien lake with cathy bement

Tim McGraw is Mr. Biiiiggg and he has a Nike shoe to prove it.

tim mcgraw shirtless - big nike shoes

A younger Tim McGraw sports some washboard abs that rivals Jake Owens’ abs above.

tim mcgraw shirtless country singer

Is the next image below really Garth Brooks? Kevin says he found it on the internetz.

garth brooks no shirt wearing jeans

American Idol contestant Bucky Covington takes a shirtless photo with a girl. Is that his girlfriend/wife?

shirtless bucky covington - american idol country

Remember that time when Casey James took off his shirt during his American Idol audition after Paula Abdul requested him too?

shirtless country singers - casey james on american idol

Last but not the least in our group of shirtless country singers is superstar Trace Adkins.

trace adkins shirtless

So who of these guys is your favorite shirtless country hunk?

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