Gabe Saporta Underwear: Boxers or Briefs?

Gabe Saporta Underwear: Boxers or Briefs: What kind of underwear does Gabe Saporta wear? Boxers, briefs, bikinis, or maybe he is a member of the free-balling community? Nah, he’s not a freeballer. In an interview with VH1’s Pass The Bowl, he revealed that he wants some support down there:

La La Anthony: Boxers or briefs?
Gabe: I’m boxer briefs all the way.
Ryland: Boxers. Full-on boxers.
Gabe: I need the support, ya know, but I don’t like it draggin’ on my butt.
Ryland: What’s the Seinfeld thing? “My boys need a home?”
Gabe: My boys need a home, yeah.

gabe saporta underwear - cobra starship - cleveland concert2009

When it comes to underwear brands, the Cobra Starship lead singer reveals in an interview with the Huffington Post that he likes him his Calvin Kleins. From Huffington’s Cobra Starship’s Gabe Saporta: The 5 Things I Can’t Live Without:

Calvin Klein pro stretch boxer briefs with a red stripe: People always ask me, boxers or briefs? My answer: boxer-briefs! I wear this and only this underwear (unless it’s laundry day, in which case I wear my Pink Floyd boxers).

Here’s Gabe’s favorite underwear:

calvin klein pro stretch boxer briefs

He must have run out of clean CK’s or Pink Floyd boxers because he’s wearing Gap Underwear in the next photo below:

gabe saporta boxers underwear by gap

But it does look like he’s wearing Calvin Kleins in this photo with Jack Barakat of the pop-rock band, All Time Low. What are these two doing together in their undies? Let the fanfics begin. Want more hot male singers?

Gabe Saporta Jack Barakat boxers underwear

Hmmm, should we add Gabe to our list of famous men who wear women’s underwear? [Kevin says: Ugh! Of course not. He is not wearing them is he? He’s just displaying them bra. Add him to your list of famous men who may be curious about women’s underwear.]

gabe saporta underwear - womens bra

For those who are wondering whether Gabe is gay or straight, he is straight and very much married to fashion designer Erin Fetherston. Here’s a wedding photo of the happy couple when they tied the knot in May this year.

gabe saporta wedding photo

Want more Gabe’s shirtless photos? Of course you do!

gabe saporta shirtless photos

gabe saporta shirtless sin camisa

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