Josh Groban Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Straight?

Josh Groban Shirtless. You think we are going to blog about the shirtless averse Brad Paisley and the shirtless-friendly Ludacris (see Ludacris Shirtless + Underwear Photos) without blogging about their Rising Star colleague Josh Groban? Of course not. So let’s talk about Josh as we talked about Brad and Luda: does he wear boxers or briefs, does he like taking his shirts off for the camera, is he gay or straight?

josh groban shirtless - open shirt

On the boxers or briefs question, we learn from the video below, where Josh interviews himself, that he is into freeballin’ or not wearing any underoos. Is that hot or not? What say you girl Famewatchers, are you turned on or turned off if you find out that your boyfriend is going commando?

Now, let’s make it clear that Josh is freeballing during the interview but it does not mean that he freeballs all the time. In fact, if the Socialite Life ( is to be believed, he also wears boxers underwear which he is holding in the photo below taken in a Swiss hotel. How they determined that that garment is a pair of boxers, we do not know.

josh groban underwear - swiss hotel 2011

Meanwhile, according to the Soap Opera Network, Josh — who they described as an American singer-songwriter, pianist, percussionist, actor, comedian, and producer — wears briefs. So, if we take all these information into account we can conclude that the Rising Star host wears nothing under his pants (according to him), boxers (according to Socialite Life), and briefs (according to Soap Opera Network).

Now that that is settled, let’s move on to the “is he gay or straight” question. Our friends at have chimed in on the issue. This is what they say:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Josh Groban; According to 717 visitors Josh Groban is 61% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Josh Groban is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Let’s quote one of the denizens of said website because we agree 100% with her take on the matter:

He’s absolutely gorgeous with the voice of an angel. Just because a dude isn’t “macho” doesn’t meant that he’s gay. Lots of chicks really go for that nerdy geek look.

Is Josh dating anyone at the moment? Who’s Dated Who says that he dated January Jones, Katy Perry, Selma Blair, and Michelle Trachtenberg but we don’t know whether he has a girlfriend in 2014. The Dirty has a post about him dated a massage therapist named Rachel Beider but we’re not sure if they are still seeing each other.

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