Seth Doane Corona Virus, Shirtless Photos, and Boyfriend

Seth Doane Corona Virus, Shirtless Photos, and Boyfriend. Today in Hot Media Men, we bring you TV journalist Seth Doane who serves as international correspondent for CBS News. Currently, the newsman is making some headlines after he revealed on Instagram that he tested positive for the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

seth doane coronavirus positive

Seth is currently based in Italy which, aside from China, has the highest number of people who tested positive for the virus. Anyhoo, here’s what he shared on his Instagram page (which you might want to follow @sethdoane): “I tested positive for #COVID19 – got the results Saturday night. Andrea tested negative – but it may be a false negative because he might’ve gotten the test too early. He has the same symptoms – tightness/pressure in chest, cough… I’ve had a very light fever – but only once or twice. So far, so good – these symptoms are manageable – I’m lucky. We’ve been in strict quarantine since I learned I’d been exposed to confirmed positive cases.”

For those of you are wondering about the Andrea that Seth referred to on his Instagram post, the person in question is Andrea Pastorelli, his husband and CEO of an organization called Teach for Italy.

Later, Seth appeared in an interview with CBS This Morning and talked more about his diagnosis and how he’s coping with his condition: “For the most part, I feel OK. As we know, this is a deadly virus. It can be incredibly serious, a major respiratory illness. So far, I’ve been lucky. I’ve had kind of a chest pressure, almost like you’ve done a big chest workout. I’ve had a little bit of a cough, a relatively mild fever. I’ve had weird aches and pains in places I’m not used to, but honestly, I feel like I’ve had colds and flus worse than this. I’ve never been totally out for the whole day in bed. I’ve been up, able to talk with people. So, for me, luckily, fortunately for me, it’s been quite mild.”

Seth Doane Shirtless Photos. Of course, we won’t be making a post on Hot Media Men without including some photos that shows you their hotness, no? So here are photos of Seth (and Andrea) looking gorgeous and all.

seth doane gay boyfriend

We grabbed these pics from Andrea’s Insta which you might want to follow @andreapastorelli81.

seth doane shirtless hot media man

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