Lauren Budd David Walliams Relationship: Is She A Cheater?

Lauren Budd David Walliams Relationship. Did David Walliams fall for Lauren Budd’s leather leggings? It’s an interesting relationship between these two, no? Hot sailor David is 37 years old. Lauren is 18 years old. We are going to say, “Ewww, she’s old enough to be your daughter.” But hey, if they’re in love, who are we to say anything. Oh, and we love Lauren’s black leather pants.

lauren budd david walliams relationship

Lauren Budd David Walliams Part II: A lot of you were looking for manther David Walliams and Lauren Budd so we decided to do another post on this lovey-dovey couple even though we are jealous of them because we don’t have boyfriends at the moment to escort us to parties and stuff.

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