Sidney Crosby Shirtless, Net Worth, Gay or Girlfriend?

Sidney Crosby Shirtless, Net Worth, Gay or Girlfriend? Canadian hockey hunk Sidney Crosby looks awesome in his tight body fitting shirt, no? Deena says that if Sidney puts his mind to it, he can give fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds a stiff competition in Hollywood. Would you agree with Deena?

sidney crosby tight shirt

Anyhoo, check out some Sidney Crosby shirtless photos after the jump.

sidney crosby shirtless body

sidney crosby shirtless

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UPDATE: How rich is Sidney Crosby? That’s the question our “material wealth” conscious friend Kevin asked when he saw us writing this post about the hockey star. Well, the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins is loaded with millions of dollars.

Forbes Magazine listed him as the second highest paid hockey player in 2009-2010 with earnings that total US$ 8 million). Only Tampa Bay’s Vincent Lecavalier made a bigger amount at US$10 million. Sidney also made the top earning list in 2011 when Forbes reported that he made US$ 9 million which puts him as the third highest paid NHL star after Robert Luongo (of the Vancouver Canucks) and Lecavalier who both banked US$10 million.

In addition to his earnings from the rink, Sidney also makes money from his endorsement deals. He has a contract with German sportswear brand, Reebok, which pays him US$1.4 million a year for five to seven years. This is reportedly the highest endorsement deal ever in the history of the NHL.

The Nova Scotia native also has endorsement contracts with top brands such as Bell, Tim Hortons and Gatorade.

Sidney Crosby Gay or Girlfriend. Now, there’s a lot of speculations on whether or not Sidney Crosby has a girlfriend. Some say he’s got a girlfriend named Chelsea McSomeone. Some sources say his girl is named Kathy McSomething. Others claim that he dated Gabriela Stern. And then there are people who believe that he never really had a girlfriend and that this somehow means that he is gay.

We’d like to set the record straight. Those names mentioned are not/were never Sidney’s girlfriend. But this does not mean that he is gay. He has a girlfriend who goes by the name Stanley.

sidney crosby girlfriend

They sleep together every night and we have the photo as evidence. Hehe.

Update on Sidney Crosby Girlfriend. Of course we were joking when we said that Sidney has a girlfriend named Stanley. He does have a girlfriend and she’s a model named Kathryn Leutner. Here’s a photo of Sidney and Kathryn.

sidney crosby girlfriend Kathy Leutner

Sidney Crosby Shirtless, Net Worth, Gay or Girlfriend? Posted 5 November 2009. Updated 4 June 2017.