Dave Annable Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Straight, Wedding Photo

Dave Annable Shirtless, Leather Jacket, and Wedding Photo. Want more celebrity leather jacket? Well, check out the gorgeous Dave Annable who has been rocking his leather jackets the first time we saw him on TV. Whatever style and whatever color, our Dave sure looks good in his leather outfit. Right?

celebrity leather jackets - male - dave annable

But leather ain’t the only thing our Dave rocks, he’s smoking hot in his wet shirt too. No contest, this guy can win any male celebrity wet shirt competition.

dave annable smoking wet shirt

So he looks good in leather and in a wet shirt but does he look good shirtless? Of course he does, check out these Dave Annable shirtless photos.

dave annable shirtless

And here’s a shirtless Dave wearing nothing but boxer shorts underwear.

dave annable underwear boxer shorts

Dave Annable Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? When it comes to underwear preference, our Dave is what you’d call an equal opportunity wearer. We saw him in boxer shorts above but we also see him wearing a pair of really skimpy briefs in the next photo below.

dave annable underwear - nude briefs - you may not kiss the bride

If you are wondering where we got Dave’s tan underwear photo, it is from the set of the 2011 movie, You May Not Kiss the Bride.

Dave Annable Gay or Straight? He is straight and since 2010 is very much married to wife Odette Yustman. However, some of his superfans imagine him as a gay dude and came up with photos like the one below.

dave annable gay kiss matthew rhys - fake pic

You know you made it as an actor (and as a celebrity) when superfans are making fake images of you. You know, like the kissing photo above and the Dave Annable in briefs underwear below.

dave annable underwear briefs and boxers

Looks like the real Dave (left) is surprised and impressed with the fake Dave (left).

Dave Annable Wedding Photo. Let us end this post with this wedding photo of Dave and Odette, shall we? If that ain’t a happy couple, we don’t know what is.

dave annable wedding wife odette yustman

Watch out for Dave in the upcoming series The Mick which will soon air on Fox TV.