Ivana Trump Boyfriend: Who is She Dating Now?

Rest in Peace Rossano Rubicondi! We are updating this post to note that Ivana’s ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi passed away last October 2021. No word on the cause of his death but People Magazine reports that he’d been ill for about a year before he died. Here are some photos of the guy back when he was young:

rossano rubicondi young model

rossano rubicondi young model2

More about the former model actor from the New York Post: “Rubicondi was born in Rome and blessed with good looks. He landed in London where he worked as a model and got bit by the acting bug. Fittingly, his first role, in a 1997 movie called ‘The Eighteenth Angel,’ has him credited as ‘model.’ By the time he met Ivana in 2002, the then-30-year-old actor had four movie credits under his belt and was still model handsome. Rubicondi was born in Rome and blessed with good looks. He worked as a model and by the time he met Ivana in 2002, he had four movie credits under his belt.Rubicondi worked as a model and by the time he met Ivana in 2002, he had four movie credits under his belt. His career may have stalled out, but those in the know viewed the relationship as mutually beneficial.”

Ivana Trump Boyfriend? (25 August 2016) So, is Ivana Trump dating anyone at the moment? Apparently, she is! In fact, our Ivana is seeing not just one but three boyfriends. Should we be jealous of her? Of course you should be jealous of our grandmama if you have a hard time finding and keeping a boyfriend. Good thing our very own beau is too besotted with us to go bye-bye. Hehe.

Anyhoo, here’s what Ivana said about her boyfriends during a February 2016 interview with The Daily Front Row: “Actually, I have about three boyfriends! I’m definitely not getting married again, and I definitely don’t want to have children anymore, but I have companions.”

Companions, eh? Is that what oldsters call their eff buddies? Maybe one of Ivana’s three boyfriends is ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi? Why do we say this? Because the two were recently spotted vacationing together in St. Tropez! Here’s the photo of the lovebirds:

ivana trump boyfriend - Rossano Rubicondi

Because the above picture does not do justice to Rossano’s gorgeous Italian looks, here’s a pic of him rocking a pair of Speedo swimsuit. [Want more men in Speedo?]

rossano rubicondi speedo - ivana trump boyfriend2

rossano rubicondi speedo -ivana trump boyfriend

Here’s another photo of Rossano taken when he was younger. If the other guy looks like Ivana’s squeeze, it’s because the two are brothers.

Rossano Rubicondi with brother - gay magazine adam

Let’s end this update with this Ivana Trump relationship list for those of you who are looking: Rossano Rubicondi (2002 – 2009), Riccardo Mazzucchelli (1994 – 1997), Donald Trump (1976 – 1992) and George Syrovatka (1967 – 1976).

We got the info from whosdatedwho.com. Surprisingly, the list does not include her ex-boytoy John David Dery. But you can read about Dery in our 2008 post below.

John-David Dery: Ivana Trump’s New Boyfriend? (8 December 2008). Is John David Dery the next boyfriend of Ivana Trump? In case you are wondering, this John dude is a 22 years old French model which makes him a million times younger than Ivana who is, well, as old as Methuselah. We really have to admire Ivana for her taste and her ability to lasso male hotties, no? Good for you, Ivana. I must admit that I am jealous because seriously, this guy is so delectable. Go, Ivana!

ivana trump boyfriend - john david dery

ivana trump boyfriend - john david dery2

Ivana Trump Boyfriend. First posted 8 December 2008. Last updated: March 8, 2022 at 7:27 am.