Brandon Routh Married, Wedding, Gay or Girlfriend, Hot Shirtless Photos

Brandon Routh Married, Wedding, Wife, and Family. Fellow Famewatchers, did you know that Brandon Routh is very much married? Now this is what we’d call a real shocker. Okay, you can also call it “not wanting to see what is obvious because we want to believe otherwise”.

For the longest time, we wanted to dream about dancing with our Brandon and so we didn’t pay attention when he tied the knot. And when he and wifey welcomed a son. Silly, stupid us.

Anyhoo for those of you who are clueless about Brandon being married, here’s our delicious hunk during his wedding with now wife Courtney Ford. Courtney is also in the acting biz. The two got hitched as far back as 2007.

brandon routh married to wife courtney ford - wedding photo

Let’s file this update under “brandon routh married already”. Hehe. Belated congratulations to the couple.

OUR PREVIOUS POSTS ON BRANDON ROUTH (November 2014): Here are more shirtless and underwear photos from our Brandon. These pics are from his latest acting gig on Leah Remini’s The Exes (on TVLand). We asked this before and let’s ask it again: Why is Brandon not a bigger star than he currently is? Did he kill a powerful Hollywood executive’s dog or something?

brandon routh underwear - boxer shorts in the exes on tvland

Remember the rumor about how the producers of Superman had to digitally “de-enhance” Brandon’s photos when he’s wearing his Superman suit because something about it is “too distracting”?

Hah! The pics above (particularly the left one) tells us there’s truth to that rumor. You agree, eh?

Brandon Routh Underwear (posted 15 August 2009). We’ve already seen Superman actor Brandon Routh’s washboard ab muscles. Now, here’s Brandon wearing a form-fitting boxer briefs. Now we know that there’s truth to the rumor that movie producers had to retouch his pictures in Superman Returns because he was too “revealing” in his Superhero tights. [Note: A commenter noted below that this photo is not Brandon at all but someone else. We stand corrected.]

Whatta gifted man! Or to paraphrase what Sean Penn reportedly said of James Franco, “God, does this Brandon Routh have everything?”

Here are some shirtless pictures of SuperHunk Brandon Routh in Denial, a movie he made in 2006.

brandon routh shirtless

Brandon was great in Denial, according to a friend who watched the movie. So maybe he will grow up to become a fine actor and not be typecast in Superman roles. Go, Brandon.

brandon routh shirtless hot body

UPDATE2: Is Brandon Routh gay or straight? Hmm, get a flower and pick out each petal saying “is ghey, is not, is ghey, is not…..” and the last remaining petal will give you the answer. To be honest, unlike George Clooney who we determined to be – like Adam Lambert – a friend of Dorothy, we do not know if Brandon Routh is ghey. But its kinda fun to speculate that he is, no?

The netizens of Yahoo! Answers who tend to have the answer for everything have this to say about the matter:

xxr: Why do you care?

Brian: definately a h*m*

Adam: As much as I would love to say yes, I cannot. Brandon is currently dating actress Courtney Ford. The two were seen together at the MTV movie awards on June 8. Courtney has had guest parts on the television shows “Profiler”, “Moesha” and “Just For Kicks” to name a few. She is the stepsister of Roberto Orci and J.R. Orci; both are television writers and producers, known for the television series “Alias”.

Brandon Routh Gay Kiss With Justin Long. Anyhoo, Brandon did play a gay role in some movie he did with Justin Long. Check out their kissing photo below:

brandon routh gay kiss with justin long - zack and mirni

UPDATE 3: He also played a gay nurse in the short-lived TV show, Partners. Here’s our Brandon kissing his Partners boyfriend Louis (played by Michael Urie). Here’s Brandon and Michael lip-smacking in an episode of the show. Too bad the show was cancelled so we didn’t see Brandon Routh married to Michael.

brandon routh kissing michael urie in partners

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