Celebrity Cougar Relationships: May-December Hollywood Romance

celebrity cougar list - carol mcgiffin and mark cassidy

Carol McGiffin and Mark Cassidy. Our celebrity cougar of the day is Carol McGiffin. She is 48 years. Her boytoy Mark Cassidy is 26. Carole says of their relationship: “I don’t care about the age gap. It doesn’t worry him, so I’m trying not to care either. Yes, it is a big difference, but he is a very mature, grown-up 26 – more than I was at that age – he has a good job and owns his flat. I am a very immature, young 48 so I reckon we meet somewhere in the middle. He sleeps a lot and late, he only has two pairs of shoes, his telly is too big for his flat, he owns a PlayStation and never goes anywhere without being plugged into his iPod.” [As quoted by The Daily Mail.]

Ralph Fiennes Shirtless Photos, Gay or Girlfriend, Underwear

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Ralph Fiennes Shirtless Photos Update (27 November 2019). This update is for fans of Ralph Fiennes who are looking for his shirtless photos. First, here’s one taken from when he was younger. He’s not the kind of guy who go for glamorous photos but there is no denying that his physical beauty still shines through, no?

Gerard Butler Girlfriend List: Who’s He Dating Now?

Gerard Butler Girlfriend List: Who’s He Dating Now? You thought we’d no longer update this post didn’t you? Well, to be honest, you are actually correct in that we thought our Scottish playboy has already gotten himself tied to the ball and chain and so there would be no need to be updating a list about his girlfriends. Turns out he’s still very much not married. However, he is dating a Morgan Brown, an Oklahoma native who, according to reports, is as a former model, property developer, and interior designer. The two are apparently the Ross and Rachel of Hollywood in that they have an on-again off-again relationship.

gerard butler girlfriend list now - morgan brown

Renee Zellweger Boyfriend: Is She Dating or Single?

RENEE ZELLWEGER BOYFRIEND LIST. Well, hello there Renee! So you’ve got yourself a new boytoy, eh? And he’s a good pick too. You go, girl! Renee and new boyfriend, Bradley Cooper, were spotted touching each other’s behinds while holidaying in Barcelona. They never confirmed that they’re an item but, as our grandma used to say, you don’t go publicly touching a person’s butt if you haven’t done it in private. Our grandma is wise, no?

Russell Tovey Boyfriend? Plus Shirtless and Underwear Photos

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Russell Tovey Boyfriend Plus Shirtless and Underwear Photos. When we first posted this article back in 2015, we mentioned that Russell does have a boyfriend but we didn’t know who he is. Well, we should have done a better job looking because he was apparently dating Daniel Unda at that time. Here are some pics of Russell and Daniel whom Russell described as “literally the best Venezuelan in the world”.