Nico Rosberg Watch: Rolex, IWC and Oris Watch

nico rosberg rolex watch spokesmodel2

Nico Rosberg Watch: Rolex, IWC and Oris Watch. Apparently, while we were not looking, our imaginary F1 boyfriend Nico Rosberg retired from Formula 1 after he was crowned champion in 2016. Awww, we know the retirement happened years ago but we still felt a tinge of sadness when we learned about it. He’s too young! He’s got more championship years ahead of him. But, then again, we are not Nico and we gotta respect his decision. We also agree with three-time Formula 1 champion Jackie Stewart who commended Nico for retiring on his own terms.

Ebel Watch For Men: Brand Ambassadors and Celebrity Fans

ebel watch for men charlie sheen

Ebel Watch For Men: Brand Ambassadors and Celebrity Fans. (posted 11 August 2010). Apparently Charlie Sheen, the funny cad in Two and a Half Men, used to be an ambassador for Ebel Watch. This advertisement is from back in the 1990s when Charlie was more of a hottie and less of a drunk. Interesting that they gave him a 1980s hairstyle. Hehehe. Want more male celebrity watches?

John Wick Watch: Carl F. Bucherer on Keanu Reeves, Common, Chad Stahelski

john wick watch by carl bucherer

John Wick Watch By Carl F. Bucherer. Did you go watch the second installment of Keanu Reeve’s John Wick this part weekend. It is a certified hit so we now say that Keanu has made a Hollywood comeback. He is a good guy so we are very happy for him. We hope this means more Keanu movies for many years to come. By the by, for those of you wondering, Keanu’s John Wick watch are from the Carl F. Bucherer men’s watch collection. Here’s Keanu sleeping with his Manero AutoDate watch on his bedside.

Jonny Lee Miller Sherlock Holmes Coat and Watch on Elementary

jonny lee miller sherlock holmes coat - Tom Ford - Cotton Pea Coat

Jonny Lee Miller Sherlock Holmes Coat. This post is for the CoatWatchers among us who are looking for and wondering about Jonny Lee Miller’s coat on Elementary. Who made it? Where to buy it? How much to pay for it? And, most importantly, will it make you as smart as Sherlock Holmes when you wear it. Hehe.

Celebrities Wearing IWC Watches

Famous People Wearing IWC Watches Brad Pitt

Celebrities Wearing IWC Watches. So who among your favorite famous male and female celebrities wear IWC watches? Well, we have a list for you: Brad Pitt wears IWC Spitfire Chronograph 3706, Tom Cruise has a IWC Automatic Ingenieur Vintage Watch, Quentin Tarantino was spotted with a IWC Portofino Moonphase Watch, while both Rebecca Gayheart and Michael Douglas have IWC Da Vinci watches. Check out their photos below.

Celebrity Gold Watches: Tony Soprano, Taylor Lautner, Brad Pitt

celebrity gold watches brad pitt

Celebrity Gold Watches: Tony Soprano, Taylor Lautner, Brad Pitt, Golf Heroes. Want more gold watches? Well, since it’s Brad Pitt Fashion Style Week here at Famewatcher, we think its appropriate that we bring you a photo of Brad wearing a pretty expensive Rolex Oyster Day-Date gold watch. He’s kinda over-accessorized in this photo, no?