Dalai Lama Rolex Watch: Yellow Gold Day Date

dalai lama watch repair

Dalai Lama Rolex Watch. Buyers will buy a Dalai Lama Rolex watch for much more money if they know that the piece was once repaired by the man himself. So instead of paying “only” five hundred grand, we are pretty sure they won’t mind buying it for a million bucks because the Dalai Lama took care of and repaired the timepiece! So haters who insist that the Dalai Lama should sell his watches now should go eff themselves.

Celebrity Apple Watch: Famous People Wearing Apple Smart Watches

celebrities wearing apple watch - gwen stefani

Celebrity Apple Watch. Gwen Stefani. Not only does The Voice judge have an Apple Watch, she also stars in a MasterCard advertising campaign promoting an Apple service, Apple Pay.