Famous Men Wearing Rolex Gold Watch

Mens Rolex Gold Watch: Famous Men Wearing Rolex Gold. Looking for celebrities wearing gold Rolex watches? We decided to compile our earlier posts on the matter to give you what you are looking for. First in our list is Deena’s imaginary boyfriend Mark Wahlberg seen below wearing a Rolex. Spefically, he is wearing a Yellow Gold Rolex GMT II Ceramic Dial with Green Dial. Here’s Mark wearing his gold watch as well as a body-hugging tight shirt. Yummy.

mark wahlberg rolex watch

Hmm, is he trying to show us his boxers underwear?

famous male celebrities wearing mens rolex gold

Jesse Jackson’s Yellow Gold Rolex Day Date Watch (26 August 2010). Rev. Jesse Jackson, civil rights activist and BFF of our favorite female comedian Kathy Griffin, wears a Rolex Day Date yellow gold watch. Hello Reverend, who you callin’? Are you trying to contact your BFF, Kathy?

mens rolex gold jesse jackson

jesse jackson rolex yellow gold day date

Bill Paxton’s Gold Rolex Submariner in Titanic (27 August 2010). Want more celebrity gold watches? Well, let’s check out Bill Paxton’s watch in this screencaps from The Titanic. What brand and model is he wearing? That’s a Rolex Submarine gold watch, baby. Pics of Bill and his gold watch below.

mens rolex gold submariner

titanic rolex gold watch

bill paxton rolex titanic

mens rolex gold watch bill paxton titanic

Mr. T Rolex Watch: Gold Rolex Day-Date Wristwatch (30 August 2010). Not unexpectedly, Hulk Hogan isn’t the only famous wrestler who loves him his Rolex watch. Mr. T (aka Laurence Tureaud), Hulk’s tag-team partner in Wrestlemania, is a Rolex fan too. Mr. T is wearing a gold Rolex Day Date in the picture.

mr t rolex president day date

Random fact you might not know about Mr. T: he is also a motivational speaker. The guy’s our idol!

mens rolex gold watch mr t

Mens Rolex Gold for Tough Guys: Arnold Schwarnegger’s Gold GMT Watch (30 August 2010). California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger embraces his inner ghey and celebrates the occasion by dancing with his BFF Sylvester Stallone. We give them props for embracing their gheyness. Hehe. Anyhoo, if you are like, “What brand of watch is the Governator wearing in that photo?” the answer is gold Rolex GMT men’s watch.

arnold gold watch by rolex

As we mentioned in an earlier post, GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time which obviously inspired the name of this particular Rolex model.

Here are more pictures of our Governator. We love the first one, nothing shouts ghey than a man in jeans with a big belt buckle. How Brokeback Mountain, is that. Joke. Joke.

mens rolex gold watch arnold

So which of the above famous male celebs has your favorite mens Rolex gold watch? Want more men’s watches?

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