Seiko Watch Brand Ambassadors and Celebrity Fans

Seiko Watch Brand Ambassadors 2021 Update. Apparently, our imaginary baseball boyfriend Shohei Ohtani is a brand ambassador for Seiko watch. Which is why we are updating this post we wrote nearly a decade ago to include his photos as a Seiko endorser.

If you’ve not been watching baseball, you are missing out on a once-in-a-hundred-years talent who is doing something very, very special in the sport. He is both a topnotch pitcher and an equally topnotch hitter. The last time we had someone who excelled in both areas would be a hundred years ago when baseball great Babe Ruth was a two-way player.

seiko watch shohei ohtani brand ambassador

Anyhoo, check out Shohei with the Los Angeles Angels as he currently leads the most homeruns (39 to date) in the MLB.

seiko shohei ohtani brand ambassador

Aside from Ohtani, another athlete at the top of his field who also happens to be a Seiko brand ambassador is number one tennis player Novak Djokovic. Apparently, he’s been an ambassador for the Japanese timepiece brand since 2014.

seiko brand ambassadors - novak djokovic

Japanese track star Ryota Yamagata is also an ambassador, he won the silver medal in the Rio Olympics five years ago.

seiko brand ambassadors - Ryota Yamagata

Another ambassador is Korean dancer and choreographer May J. Lee.

seiko watch brand ambassadors - may j lee

American soccer champ Hope Solo, at one time, also endorsed the brand.

seiko watch brand ambassadors - hope solo

Seiko Watch Brand Ambassadors and Celebrity Fans. Established in 1881, Seiko is a Japanese watch company known for producing quartz and mechanical watches. It’s been the official timekeeper of several Olympic Games (the Tokyo 1964 and Barcelona 1992 Summer Games as well as the Lillehammer 1994, Nagano 1998, and Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Games), various World Cups (1978 Argentina, 1982 Spain, 1986 Mexico, and 1990 Italy), and the IAAF Athletic World Championships in 1987 (Italy) and 1991 (Japan).

Seiko has had several popular figures in the world of sports, cinema, and other fields as its brand ambassadors. Here are some of them:

Jenson Button was a Seiko watch brand ambassador from 2006 to 2008. Here’s what he said about Seiko: “Since SEIKO became part of the team, I have had the pleasure of wearing many different SEIKO watches, and each has been better than the last! This new one is the best yet, and I thank Seiko for building such a great watch for our team.”

seiko watch brand ambassador jenson button

Landon Donovan: In the early part of this year, American football player was signed by Seiko to be its “celebrity face” in the United States.

seiko watch brand ambassadors landon donovan

Says Ken Hagiwara, President and CEO of Seiko Corporation of America, about their new sponsorship deal: “Synonymous with the essence of Seiko, Mr. Donovan shows a dedication to perfection and success that we commend. We look forward to working with him.”

For his part, Landon had this to say: “I am honored to be the first athlete to join the Seiko family as a Brand Ambassador, and anticipate celebrating their dedication to perfection and launch of the new, dynamic timepieces that will once again demonstrate that Seiko is the revolutionary frontrunner in watchmaking worldwide.”

Wang Leehom: This multi-talented Taiwanese-American is the Seiko watch brand ambassador for Asia particularly Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand and Japan.

seiko watch brand ambassador wang leehom

Wang is a singer-songwriter, actor, filmmaker, and multi-instrumentalist (he plays piano, guitar, violin, bass, drums and percussion). Now, that’s what a multi-talented person really is, no?

Daniel Wu: Daniel is a Chinese American who went to Hong Kong in 1997 to see the historical handover of the former British colony back to China. He did some modeling following a sister’s suggestion and then went on to become a renowned Hong Kong actor, director, and producer. Daniel served as a Seiko watch brand ambassador in Asia. Here’s Daniel in a print ad for Seiko particularly it’s Criteria line.

seiko watch brand ambassador daniel wu

Barcelona Football Club or Barca: Seiko and Barca inked a partnership deal in 2011 for the former to be the official watch for the world’s most successful football club.

From their Press Release: “SEIKO and FC Barcelona believe in the same things. Both are ambitious, both are proud of their long tradition of achievement and both are dedicated to perfection in their chosen art. Most of all, however, SEIKO and FC Barcelona share a conviction that excellence comes from in-house development.”

Here’s an advertisement for Seiko Sportura featuring some Barcelona FC football stars.

seiko watch brand ambassadors barcelona fc

Richard Garriott: British-American video game designer and space explorer Richard Garriott wore a Seiko watch during his space adventure in 2008.

Here’s what he said about his Seiko: “During the flight, SEIKO Spring Drive Spacewalk has performed admirably for me. Even before the flight, Spring Drive Spacewalk had already provided great service and survived through some torturous training such as a nominal 4g and a ballistic 9g re-entry simulation in the centrifuge. While these extremes challenge the human body and have destroyed a competitors watch worn by my backup in this simulation, Spring Drive Spacewalk performed perfectly under all those conditions. I am proud to have the opportunity to wear it.”

seiko watch brand ambassadors richard garriot

Celebrities Wearing Seiko Watch: Kristen Stewart, one of the most famous Hollywood celebs in the world because of her starring role in the Twilight movies, is often seen wearing Seiko watches. Here’s Kristen with a Seiko SJB880 Watch.

celebrities wearing seiko watch kristen stewart

Seiko in the Movies: Talented actress Sigourney Weaver wore a Seiko Speedtimer in the 1986 movie, Alien.

celebrities wearing seiko watch sigourney weaver

celebrities wearing seiko watches

Meanwhile Ed Harris, one of the best actors in the world to not win an Oscar (he’s been nominated four times), is wearing a Seiko 6309-7049 Watch in the 1989 marine adventure movie, The Abyss. The movie, thankfully won an Academy trophy for best special effects.

celebrities wearing seiko watches

Seiko Watch Brand Ambassadors and Celebrity Fans. Posted 30 October 2011. Updated 23 May 2017.