Celebrities Wearing Cartier Men’s Watches

Cartier for Men: Famous Men Wearing Cartier Watches. Obviously footballer Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t the only famous male celebrity out there who wears a Cartier watch [see Cristiano Ronaldo’s Rolex and other watches such as Cartier]. So who are the other famous men who sport Cartiers? Here’s a compilation of previous blog posts we wrote earlier about them?

Paul Van Dyk’s Cartier Roadster Chronograph (14 September 2010). German DJ Paul Van Dyk aka The World’s Number One DJ wears a Cartier Roadster Chronograph watch in these photos. Who are the other famous people who were photographed wearing this high-end French watch, you ask? We’re pretty sure a lot of celebrities wear Cartier watches but, so far, the one we have in our list aside from Paul is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

celebrity cartier watch

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Celebrities With Cartier Ballon Bleu Watches

Celebrities With Cartier Ballon Bleu Watches. You loved our post on Celebrities Wearing Cartier Watches so we decided to make another one but this time focusing on those who love them their Ballon Bleus. Famewatchers, meet the ladies and their Cartier Ballon Bleus.

Bojana Novakovic. This Serbian actress is seen here fighting the devil with the aid of her Cartier watch. Hehe. Joke. We really do not know what she’s doing but we are 100% sure that she is wearing a Cartier Ballon Bleu watch.

Celebrities With Cartier Ballon Bleu Watches Bojana Novakovic

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Female Celebrity Cartier Watch: Guide to Women’s TV Watches

Female Celebrity Cartier Watch: Guide to Women’s TV Watches. Here’s a list of your favorite female characters on TV wearing Cartier watches. Let us start with our favorite character of them all, the fabulous Dr. Joan Watson on Elementary who is played by the beautiful Lucy Liu.

Specifically, Lucy/Joan is wearing a women’s Tank Louis Cartier Watch. [If you want more Lucy Liu fashion on Elementary, check out a post we published earlier: Lucy Liu Joan Watson Dresses.]

actress watch - Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Watch - Lucy Liu Elementary

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Celebrities Wearing Cartier Watch: Women’s Edition

Celebrities Wearing Cartier Watch: Women’s Edition. Who among your favorite female celebrities wear a watch by the French luxury jeweler and watchmaker that is Cartier? Let us check them out, shall we? [Note: The following group of celebrities wearing Cartier watches used to be individual blog entries now centralized into this single post. So if they read like they were written as stand-alone posts, it’s because they were.]

Rebecca Hall: Cartier Tank Louis. Look who’s wearing a sexy and elegant Cartier Tank Louis watch? It’s the equally sexy and elegant English actress, Rebecca Hall. Rebecca stars in one of the surprise hits in Hollywood, the Ben Affleck directed movie Town Hall. You should go watch the movie because its great. Rebecca is great too of course.

celebrity cartier watches - rebecca hall

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Cartier Tank Francaise Womens Watch: Celebrities and Models

Cartier Tank Francaise Womens Watch: Celebrities and Models. Let’s add German supermodel and actress Claudia Schiffer to our list of famous women who wear Cartier watches. In these photos the sexy and seemingly ageless Claudia is wearing a fabulous and elegant Cartier Tank Francaise women’s watch.

cartier tank francaise womens watch

Claudia and her Cartier Tank Francaise Womens Watch.

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