Celebrities Wearing Burberry Leather Jackets

celebrities wearing burberry leather jacket - jeremy irvine

Celebrity Fans of Burberry Leather Jackets. As usual, we are updating this post to give you some famous men and women who wear leather stuff made by the most famous British clothing label. [Can you name a Brit apparel brand more famous than Burberry? We’ve been trying to come up with one but there’s nada, none, zilch.]

Burberry Mens Underwear Models: White Briefs, Pink Boxers, and More

burberry mens underwear - boxers and boxer briefs

Burberry Mens Underwear Models: White Briefs, Pink Boxers, and More. Did you know that Burberry has an underwear line for men? We totally did not. Then we came across the above photo of male model Jeremy Young (by fashion photographer Kai Z Feng) and we’re like, “Huh? Burberry makes underwear for men? We thought its all about long coats and that kind of stuff?”

Best Military Jacket: Usher’s Burberry Prorsum Peacoat?

best military jacket burberry prorsum peacoat

What’s the best military jacket in the world? Well, in the absence of any legitimate organization making an objective ranking, we gotta say that the title goes to Usher’s double-breasted Burberry Prorsum military wool felt peacoat! It looks classic but not outdated. It also looks current but timeless which means you can bring it out of your closet to battle the elements ever

Trench Coats for Men: Celebrity Outfit of the Day Edition

Look who’s wearing a Burberry trench coat? It’s the King of Football himself, David Beckham. The guy sure knows how to be trendy doesn’t he? We won’t be surprised if he, along with wife Victoria, will end up building a formidable fashion empire once he gives up his ball-kicking ways.

What do you think? Would you agree that Becks has a fighting chance of also making it big in the fashion world? Or should he stick to making and selling perfumes like his David Beckham Pure Instinct?

Joseph Gordon Levitt Fashion Style Watch

joseph gordon levitt fashion - burberry prorsum

Joseph Gordon Levitt Fashion Style Watch. You’ve seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Inception leather jacket, now let’s check him out as he romances that metal thingie while wearing his Burberry Prorsum suit and shoes. Oh, that picture above sooo reminds us of that crazy woman on the Tyra Banks Show who married the Eiffel Tower as well as that Hongkong man who got his dick stuck on a metal bench after he humped it.