Celebrities Wearing Burberry Leather Jackets

Celebrity Fans of Burberry Leather Jackets (09 August 2011, updated). As usual, we are updating this post to give you some famous men and women who wear leather stuff made by the most famous British clothing label. [Can you name a Brit apparel brand more famous than Burberry? We’ve been trying to come up with one but there’s nada, none, zilch.]

Let’s start with your favorite male celebrities and the first one we found rocking his Burberry leather jacket is sexy Canadian dude, Ryan Gosling. Why he wants to get wet in his leather jacket baffles us but it’s also kinda hot if you think about it. It’s Ryan! In Leather! Getting Wet!

celebrities wearing burberry leather jackets ryan gosling

Silly question: What do Ryan Gosling and Joe Jonas have in common? Obvious silly answer: One’s Canadian while the other’s American, one’s sexy while the others a nottie, but hey both wear Burberry leather jackets. Here’s one/third of the Jonas Brothers (who’s interestingly described by the Daily Mail as a “singing Puritan”) in a magazine photo. Like Ryan, his leather is from the Burberry Spring 2011 Menswear Collection.

celebrities wearing burberry leather jacket joe jonas

Among female celebrities, those who were spotted in their Burberry Prorsum leather jackets include Pretty Woman star and wide-lipped Julia Roberts who needs no further introduction because everyone loves and knows her. [Kevin says we shouldn’t call her “wide-lipped” but that’s her defining feature, right? Besides we love her like the rest of you so we are not being mean.] Julia’s leather and shearling jacket is from the Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

celebrities wearing burberry leather jacket julia roberts

Other gorgeous girls spotted in leather include Sienna Miller aka Jude Law’s on-again, off-again girlfriend.

celebrities wearing burberry leather jacket sienna miller

And here’s talk show host/model Alexa Chung keeping herself warm with a Burberry Prorsum Quilted Leather Jacket.

celebrities wearing burberry leather jacket alexa chung

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. If you know other celebrities who wear Burberry leather do tell us about them in the comments section. Tschuss!

2020 Update. British actor Jeremy Irvine modeled this Burberry leather jacket during a fashion show for the iconic fashion brand.

celebrities wearing burberry leather jacket - jeremy irvine

Burberry Leather Jackets Collection: Male and Female Celebrity Fans (17 September 2010). You’ve seen Burberry Prorsum’s coat collection for Spring 2011, now check out these gorgeous leather wear from the same British fashion house.

burberry leather jackets

Take your pick, Famewatchers. Which of these is your favorite? We like the brown leather jacket the best.

burberry leather jackets

burberry leather jackets mens

burberry leather jackets spring

Does your closet have a room for a leather vest?

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