Sven Sundgaard Shirtless Meteorologist: Gay Boyfriend or Husband?

Sven Sundgaard Shirtless Meteorologist: Gay Boyfriend or Husband? (updated post, originally published on 5 February 2020) Oh, boy, we here at Famewatcher sure are fans of Sven Sundgaard who works as a TV meteorologist for KARE11 in Minnesota. Admittedly, since we are not based in Minneapolis and haven’t seen him in action on TV, we can’t say that we are fans of his meteorology work but we are sure he is great at what he does.

What we can say is that we are fans of his Instagram page — particularly his shirtless photos. Haha. Here are photos we grabbed from the TV hunk’s Insta. If these don’t convince you to follow him (@explorewithsven), we do not know what will.

sven sundgaard shirtless - kare 11 - hot media men

We see England, we see France, we see Sven’s underpants. Well, we’re actually seeing his Speedo which is technically not underpants.

Sven Sundgaard underwear - explore with sven

We love us a patriotic zaddy.

sven sundgaard shirtless body - kare11 - minnesota

Sven Sundgaard Gay or Straight? He is a friend of Dorothy and he’s got himself a boyfriend. Yay. We’re happy for him and his beau. Here’s Sven and his beau Robert McEachren chillin’ with a glass of wine.

Sven Sundgaard boyfriend Robert McEachren

From what we gathered from the internets, Robert works as a realtor at the Keller Williams Realty Integrity Lakes in Minneapolis.

Sven Sundgaard Robert McEachren partner - thailand

Awww. Shirtless zaddies.

Our favorite shirtless photo of Sven. Want more men in shorts?

sven sundgaard gay or straight - kare 11

Update: A few months after we wrote this post, Sven made the headlines after he was fired from his job from KARE11 apparently because he reposted a Facebook post which criticized alt-right protesters who brandished guns to their pro-coronavirus protests and compared them to “white nationalist Nazi sympathizer gun fetishist miscreants.”

Ain’t that the truth though? Looks to us like that’s actually a pretty apt description of the people who were protesting against the lockdown.

Anyhoo, according to, Sven is considering his options with regards to his firing:

Television meteorologist Sven Sundgaard publicly addressed his sudden departure from KARE for the first time Tuesday night.

“Many have asked me about KARE11’s post regarding my employment and separation from employment,” Sundgaard wrote in a message posted to his Facebook and Instagram accounts. “Here’s what I have to say about that for now: I disagree with and dispute my former employers claims and I am considering my options at this time. Thank you again.”

Well we hope Sven sues the eff out of them and win, win, win!

Sven Sundgaard Shirtless Meteorologist: Gay Boyfriend or Husband? Posted 5 February 2020. Last updated: July 7, 2020 at 9:47 am.