Jean Claude Van Damme Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend

Jean Claude Van Damme Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend (posted 7 August 2014). For some reason, some of you are looking for “Jean Claude Van Damme in Calvin Klein underwear”. Since we are all about guys in their Calvin Kleins, we decided to update this post to give you what you want.

So here are photos of the Muscles from Brussels in his underoos but, unfortunately, we aren’t 100% sure whether he is wearing CKs or another brand. But whether he’s in his Calvins or not, we gotta give the guy props for being in great shape.

jean claude van damme underwear

Now, what did we tell you about white Speedo underwear? That you should wear them if you want to show off is what we said. Haha. Anyhoo, here’s another pic of Belgium’s biggest movie star looking great in what looks like a pair of boxer briefs (or maybe boxer shorts).

jean claude van damme underwear

Awww, a very happy Jean Claude rocking a pair of blue Speedo swimsuit.

jean claude van damme underwear

Now a hot zaddy, here’s the Bloodsport actor doing a jump rope workout by his swimming pool.

action stars in speedo - jean claude van damme

Another pic of Van Damme in blue briefs-style swimsuit. Want more male celebrity Speedos?

jean claude van damme speedo

And here’s an interesting photo of our Speedo-clad Belgian hunk with fellow actor Lorenzo Lamas.

jean claude van damme gay - lorenzo lamas

Now, here’s a New York Magazine story which is really work sharing about Van Damme. Apparently, his kickboxing and martial arts skills are not the only thing impressive about the guy.

From NY Magazine: “While shooting the sci-fi thriller Replicant, [Michael] Rooker was called upon to give Van Damme’s character a full strip search. After some consideration, however, Rooker decided it was for the best to go against the script and make the b*lging Belgian keep his undies on. ‘It was great working with him,’ Rooker tells us, ‘but as far as a strip search goes, I was — and remain — unwilling to share the screen with Jean-Claude Van Damme Junior. There aren’t many screens in the U.S. that can handle the magnitude of both Jean-Claude and his Junior.'”

Now, if that ain’t the greatest compliment a man can give to a fellow man, we don’t know what is. Is this the reason why some of you are googling for photos of the actor in his Calvin Kleins. Haha.

Is Van Damme Gay? Nah. He is straight and has been married five times according to wikipedia. Twice of said marriages is with body builder and actress Gladys Portugues. They tied the knot in 1987 and divorced in 1992. Then they got married again in 1999 and called it quits again in 2015. Here’s a photo of the two when they were still together.

jean claude van damme wife gladys portugues

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