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Oliver Stark Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Hot in Long Coat. For the longest time, we thought that Oliver Stark is the name played by Stephen Amell on the The CW’s superhero series Arrow so when we were looking at these photos of a cute male model rocking his Tommy Hilfiger winter coat we were like, “Wow, his real name is a superhero name. That’s pretty cool.”

Turns out however that, as our friend Kevin pointed out, the name of Amell’s character is Oliver Queen which our subconscious mind might have conflated with Iron Man’s Tony Stark such that when we hear the name Oliver Stark we go, “Hey, the superhero.”

Anyhoo, fellow Famewatchers, say hi to Oliver Stark, a 29 year old British actor who currently stars as firefighter Evan “Buck” Buckley on the hit drama series 9-1-1 on Fox.

male celebrity coat - tommy hilfiger on oliver stark

Want more male celebrity coats?

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Oliver Stark Birthmark. Question for those of you who know your Hollywood history: Do you know of any other actor who had a facial birthmark and was not embarrassed by it and, in fact, wears it with pride as Oliver does? We can’t think of any.

oliver stark hot birthmark

Apparently, he’s been told by well-meaning people to get his birthmark removed but he refused to do so. He is also often complimented for being brave but he states that there’s nothing brave about keeping one’s birthmark.

From stuff.co.nz: “People often kind of want to give you this compliment of like, ‘Oh, you’re so brave…’ and I’m just like, ‘It doesn’t feel like that’. Because it’s just never been one of the things I’ve been insecure about. So it’s not like I’m going out there with this thing I’m really insecure about and carrying on anyway. It’s never felt like that big of a hurdle to me.”

oliver stark hot firefighter - 911 fox

He adds: “When I did first come out to LA, under the advice of some of my team at the time, I did used to cover it for auditions. Their thinking was they didn’t want producers or someone to be watching an audition tape and lose concentration because they were wondering what’s on my face. So I understood that. But then once it got to a certain point, it’s just a part of me. I have no shame when it comes to that one aspect of myself.”

Now that’s a healthy perspective ain’t it? Props to the guy!

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Oliver Stark Shirtless and Underwear Photo. Unfortunately, this is the only shirtless pic we found which we actually grabbed from the actor’s Insta (follow him @oliverstarkk).

oliver stark shirtless body

Oh wait, we actually have some shirtless photos of the guy as Evan Buck Buckley which we screencapped from 9-1-1.

evan buck buckley shirtless body - oliver stark

oliver stark body no shirt

oliver stark shirtless body - evan buck buckley

Wait, does he put on his firefighter uniform without an undershirt?

oliver stark shirtless - evan buck buckley

Oliver Stark Gay or Straight? He is straight and dating girlfriend Hannah Gottesman who is also in the acting biz.

oliver stark girlfriend hannah gottesman - guardians of galaxy

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