Phil Dunster Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend: Jamie Tartt on Ted Lasso

Phil Dunster Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend: Jamie Tartt on Ted Lasso. Who’s the hot guy below with a perfectly sculpted washboard abs? And who’s Phil? Is he Phil? If so, does he have problem remembering his own name such that someone had to write it on his body?

Well, clueless Famewatcher, the guy’s name is indeed Phil (full name Phil Dunster). He is a British actor who currently stars on the TV series Ted Lasso on Apple TV. As to why his name is written on his body, we’re gonna guess its simply the photographer’s way of making things interesting.

phil dunster underwear emporio armani

By the way, these fabulous shirtless and peekabo underwear photos of the guy are courtesy of

phil dunster shirtless body

Want more celebrity washboard abs?

phil dunster shirtless hot body

Yeah, take off your shirt Phil! And, don’t be a tease, just drop them jeans too so we’ll see your Emporio Armani underwear in its entirety.

phil dunster underwear peekabo

Hey, why are you dressed? That’s not what we were praying you’d do! Ugh!

phil dunster hot body

We still have to see Phil’s show on Apple TV but we are planning to check it out because it is very, very good according to our friend Kevin. Here are screencaps of our British hunk going shirtless on Ted Lasso:

phil dunster body abs on ted lasso

phil dunster body in ted lasso

On the show, Phil plays football star Jamie Tartt. Here’s what the actor says about the character he is playing (via “He’s the striker of the team; he’s been told his whole life that he’s special, and he really, really believes that with every ounce of his being.”

Dunster adds: “He’s an incredibly fun character to play because he gets to say all the things that you sort of wish — if you had that much confidence — you would say, and just as Brett talks about this sort of chiseling down to this sort of mushy core, you see why it is that Jamie is the way he is, and you can see that through the brilliant writing of the whole team, and with Jason and Bill at the helm, you see in really intricate ways. You’re shown that rather than told it. It’s just owed to the brilliant writing in it.”

phil dunster jamie tartt ted lasso

Phil Dunster Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no answer to these Q’s at the moment but we will update this post once we do have said answers. Now, Phil did play an LGBT character on the BBC mini-series Man In An Orange Shirt where he gets to dance the horizontal dance with Julian Morris.

phil dunster gay in man in an orange shirt with julian morris

Are you sure this is not his girlfriend? They seem pretty close. Nah, actress Juno Temple is Phil’s co-star on Ted Lasso.

phil dunster girlfriend juno temple

Update. Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt is the gift that keeps on giving on Ted Lasso. Yay! May the show go from strength to strength. And may we continue to see him drinking tea in his underoos.

phil dunster ted lasso underwear

phil dunster underwear briefs - ted lasso

phil dunster underwear briefs - ted lasso2

phil dunster underwear briefs - ted lasso3

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